How to endure tragedy with artist Lori Nawyn (for children)

Love, hope, hugs When Scary Things happens by Christy Monson and artist Lori Nawyn is an excellent  book that helps adults to help children to overcome tragedies. A 5 star review book.

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Lori, where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born in Northern Utah and currently reside there. I’ve also lived in Idaho.

I have lived all my live in Utah. When did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

When I was in fifth grade, I first began to dream of writing and illustrating books. It was much later that I finally got the confidence to try both.

How neat…Do you have a drawing routine?

Unfortunately not. I love illustration, but I’m also an author with several new books due out (Fill Your Day With Hope, Covenant, August 2013; Peachy: A Harvest of Fruity Goodness, Familius, September 2013; A Year’s Journey, Covenant, January 2014; The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook, Familius, March 2014). With edits and promotion efforts, I don’t have nearly as much time to spend on my art as I’d like. However, a couple of books I’ve written and started to illustrate are now under consideration by publishers. I’m soon going to have to forge a routine that will help me balance the best of both my writing and art pursuits. I’m most happy and content when I can incorporate some form of art (design, illustration, photography, etc.) into each day.

I know exactly what you mean. Do you draw  with music or not?

Usually, yes. My teenage daughter, Maggie, is a concert pianist who practices three to five hours a day. I get the best of Mozart, Debussy, Mendelsohn, Kabalevsky, and Chopin et al. live from the living room.

Been there than that…What is the title of the last book you did the pictures for?

What Are You Thinking? by Valerie Ackley (ThoughtsAlive Publishing 2010).

Nice. How long did it take you to come up with the first ideas for the drawings?

I had just over 48 hours to complete the illustrations for Love, Hugs, and Hope (see below). About half the illustrations in the book were based on work I’d already done. The other half were based on new ideas I had to come up with fast. I think I slept only three hours during that 48 hour period. In ensuing weeks (after the ebook was released), I made many color changes. I also redrew several pages for the final print version.

BLEED changes - page 4

Wow, that is really a lot. You did awesome though. What inspired the drawings in this book?

My husband is a fireman who has assisted in the aftermath of many tragedies. As a fireman’s wife, and as a mother and also as an abuse survivor, I felt grief on many levels after the December 2012 shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. I wanted to use my art as a means of self-expression with the hope I could also touch the hearts of others. I drew a picture of a duck holding a candle and posted it on Facebook. I also posted an angel I’d drawn as a tribute to those who had died. I felt the heartache was so great, however, that my efforts were small and insignificant. I prayed that if there was something more I could do—any way I might be able to reach out—that it would be made known to me. At ten a.m. the Monday following the shootings, Christopher Robbins from Familius contacted me to ask if I would illustrate the book. He wanted to try and get ebook copies out to the families as soon as possible. I felt deep gratitude for the opportunity! I was astounded to discover that the author was Christy—a friend and member of my critique group. Christopher didn’t realize that we knew one another.

God work in mysterious way, doesn’t He. Where can we find this book?

It’s currently available from Familius:

Where can we find more about you?

Please visit me at my website:

What makes you passionate about drawing?

I endured a very turbulent childhood. The thing that pulled me through was the love expressed to me by my grandparents. If I can touch the hearts of others through my work, let them know someone cares, then I will feel I have done something of value in this life.

That is so commendable Lori. Thank you so much for your visit and we wish you the best to you and yours.

Again, sincere thanks for the opportunity, Anna!

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