Margaret Godar’s is the Christian author of In His Footsteps’ series

Margaret, welcome. Where were you born? 

I was one of the few people born in the capital of the United States – yep right in DC itself.  Maybe that’s why I think everything from zoos to museums should be free!

 When did you start to write? 

My writing all started on a Friday night at home with  A few weeks before that night I felt God telling me He wanted to write my life on the Internet.  This was before Blogs were everywhere and any where.  I had a couple of websites and tried a new one with a few posts but quickly dropped it.  Too many problems, too public.

That Friday night I sat typing in URLS.  What comes up if I type in (rubber roofs?!) or or  Hit the jackpot with  There was a link to an online diary site.  I signed up and started writing.  Soon I had a book.  Or three.

What genre does your book fit into? 

The books fit into the self-help memoir category similar to The Happiness Project or Eat, Pray, Love, but with an inspirational Christian view – and fewer readers.  I’m counting on your blog to change that!  Now that people are used to reading in short post formats, the books have found a niche audience.  People who like to read tell me they keep going from one entry to the next and stay up late reading it, while people who like the book but don’t like reading are happy they can get a funny or inspiring story in just a few minutes and then set it aside until later.  Those people tell me they keep it on the bedside stand but I have my suspicions it might be a bathroom reader.

Christian, inspirational, self-help, memoir, oh my.What is the title of your book?

All the books are titled In His Footsteps which is also my website – with a different focus for each.  The first is In His Footsteps: How I Gave My ToDo List To God and Got More Done, More Sleep and Less Stress.  It’s for women like me who have more to do than day to do it in.

The one I think of as second is on marriage – God as marriage counselor. It’s still in process, just like our marriage.  My editor and I are letting it rest  – another word for ignoring it in hopes it will write itself.

The one that just came out is In His Footstep: The Mission Years – How We Sold All We Had And God Gave Us Amazing Miracles,  and New Hearts. It’s about senior missionary service.  You know those wonderful people who go around helping and inspiring and serving in their retirement years? So do we, and we’re not them. Fortunately, God took over. We were stunned as we watched one miracle after another take place in spite of ourselves.  He is amazing!

They sound very interesting…What else will inspire us to read your book? 

People tell me my books make them laugh, give them hope and motivate them to listen even more closely to God and His spirit.  That keeps me charged up to keep going.

We need books to laugh…Is your book self-published or main stream? 

We publish my books ourselves because my husband Parker has a background in the print industry so we figured I could spend a few years finding an agent and a publisher or we could just do it ourselves and spend the same few years marketing the books.

Sounds great to me. Where can we find your books?

In His Footsteps: How I Gave My Todo List to God and Got More Done, More Sleep and Less Stress is available on Amazon at in both print and Kindle versions and any book store (by request!).  The same for In His Footsteps: The Mission Years – How We Sold All We Had And God Gave Us Amazing Miracles and New Hearts 

Thank you for your visit Margaret.

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