Living Inside the Testimony by Betty Collier

This is a heartfelt personal testimony from a Christian woman and her hope to share it with others. When we have a personal testimony of something that has made us different in a happy way, we want to share it with any who may want to hear it. This book has done a great job of keeping this point of view in mind and, without force, lets other see and feel her spiritual journey.

In this book Betty Collier says, “I am not a pastor, preacher, teacher, missionary, minister, or evangelist. I’m just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, giving my testimony. My testimony is no different from millions of others. However, as a Christian, I am a witness for Jesus Christ, and am therefore obligated to share the gospel of Jesus with whoever will listen. I will do so very boldly through this venue.”

A strong belief comes from the heart, not the mind. In this book you will find and feel the reality that we belong to our creator and that when we turn our lives to Him, we are better than when we exist alone. There is a higher place where He wants us to be if we just let Him in.

This is very easy reading that will inspire the reader to see the many ways that God has helped us throughout our life. It will help you see your life in a very different and better way. The reader will find a clean, positive, uplifting and great read. It does not push any particular religion, just pure old-fashioned Christianity and how much we should thank our creator for what we have. It is great reading for Christians no matter what religion they belong to.

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