The Clock Giant by Brooke Johnson

This is an interesting tale that is well done and entertaining. It will enhance any family library. The writing is easy to read, clean and engaging. This is the first book in a series and the end shows this clearly. I enjoy this style of writing and the way the tale is presented.

Petra is an orphan girl who grows up in a household of many children in a humble part of her city. One thing that it separates her from the rest of the girls her age is that she has a talent that she can’t shake. She would give anything to study in the university and get a degree as an engineer. The problem is that she is a girl and the school only educates men.

Once, one of those young students comes close to the shop where she works with an automated robot. She wants to know how he makes it work without wires. She doesn’t know that Emmerich will change her life and the future of the city. They have great times working together. Petra never imagines that because of him she will be called a spy, conspirator, and traitor. Her life will be worth nothing and she will have nowhere to hide.

The tale is relatively short which makes it a fast read. It is also interesting, although not a new concept. The way it was put to paper is great. I would recommend this book to young adults. Also, it will be very well received by adult lovers of fantasy.

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