Patricia G. Stevenson Mystery author’s Interview

Patricia, welcome to my blog. Tell us what gave you the nerve to attempt your first novel?
I’ve written short things most of my life. But I never completed a novel. I got an idea, one time when I was in London, England. I started to write it on the airline trip home. I couldn’t stop until I had completed a 120,000 word novel. Obviously I had a lot to say, and I said it. Of course this will never be published; but, I lost the fear of completing a novel.
Fear of completing a novel…I think we all have that. Describe your writing process.
I find a part of the world that interests me, and now, because I’m the author of The Professor Del Channing Murder Mystery series, I always have a main character. Having that decision already made, I then begin to write. I continue to develop my main characters, occasionally using one from a pervious novel, and, somewhere along the line, the characters take over the story and I get to enjoy their style. Most people have a hard time believing me when I say that I don’t know who done it—the Professor would say “who did it”—until a couple of chapters from the end. What a thrill!
You don’t know who done it…intriguing…Where do you do your best work?
I still work for a living, so I hand write on my lunch break. I input in the evenings and on weekends. Doing that, I avoid the temptation of correcting my work as I write and thus destroying both the intensity and the rhythm.
Life can get in the way often. Give a brief rundown of the plot of your published books.
THE DILAPIDATED MAN. Professor Del Channing has no idea he is putting his life on the line when his beloved father is suddenly murdered. Still, the history scholar soon finds himself utilizing his unique talents for research, analysis and human relations in an effort to uncover the murder’s identity. While coping with his own sorrow, his mother’s grief, and fending off his attractions to two very different women, he learns about this father’s business dealings and success in selling valuable old coins to collectors. His savvy skills, increasing knowledge and unique discoveries edge him ever closer to the killer whose identity is totally unexpected and diabolically threatening.
THE JEZEBEL BRIDE. When Professor Del Channing serves as best man for an old school chum and a colorful, flamboyant heiress, he immediately finds himself embroiled in a mystery that includes financial intrigue, deceit, greed, family secrets … and murder. From a brutal killing in a majestic mansion to business chicanery relating to the holding of wealthy estate owners, Del unravels it all utilizing his professional knowledge, the wisdom of Shakespeare and a little help from his best friend, Bif.
THE SHAMNROCK CONSPIRACY. Professor Del Channing’s old mentor, Professor Yarrington’s dying word are “Don’t trust anyone.” In The Shamrock Conspiracy, Del is entangled in intrigue, double lives, and baffling disappearances. Threats on his life escalate as adversaries move to annihilate him. Identities constantly shift. Del suspects everyone, even police and fellow alumni. Are any what they seem to be? Collusion reaches far beyond Toronto’s global history conference. Assisted by his best friend Bif, Del must move against the powerful enemies who lie in wait for him.
THE ROBIN HAS FLOWN. The crack of a gunshot slices through the silence of a snow-capped ski slope. A terrifying murder destroys Professor Del Channing’s vacation at the Canadian ski resort, and instantly plunges him into a twisted puzzle. The murder victim has baffling identities, and his flamboyant widow troubling motives. The suspects? A Canadian Mountie. An alluring Aussie who flirts with Del. A gorgeous lodge employee with a sympathetic past, along with a beauty the draws his interest – and his caution. The race against time endangers Del and his best friend, Bif Frederickson, a homicide detective. The killer strikes again and again. Someone wants them dead.
They are simply…mysterious…How many novels will there be in the series?
I don’t really know. I’m currently writing the eighth.
That is great news for your readers. How did you decide whether to self-publish or find a publisher?
Fortunately I found a local company to be my publisher. I, of course, am helping with the marketing and we are doing that under the name of Mystery Books.
Yes, promoting is the necessary evil…What is your long range goal?
Local retail book stores are wonderful, but I hope to get coverage across the USA. This can be accomplished by traveling and presenting my work to each store, which I am doing. However I am in hopes of finding national sales people to help.
How can anyone find you?
They can check my website
Patricia we wished you the best in your series and personal live. Happy reading to you!!!

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