PG13 Dark Author Interview for October…Mercedes M. Yardley

Mercedes welcome to my blog. Tell us where you were born?

MMY: I was born in American Fork, Utah. I grew up in Emery County, which is a rural little town in the middle of the desert. I’m currently living in Vegas, which is certainly a change.  I miss small town life.

That is for sure, Who or What inspired you to write this book?

MMY: This book came about after years of writing and publishing in magazines and anthologies. I was working on “The Novel” but I truly love short stories. I kept writing them on the side while working on longer pieces. I had thought about putting a collection together, but it was sort of a pie-in-the-sky dream. I didn’t take it seriously until the editor at Shock Totem mentioned it to me, that he’d be interested in putting it out. Sometimes it takes another person to wake you up to what you want.

Very impressive. Tell us more…

MMY: Gladly! It’s a collection of 27 stories. Some of them are fairly dark, but they all have a vein of hope running through them. A liberal dose of fairy dust sparkled throughout. Some are stories that I wrote for my children. Some are tied to other characters that I have in other stories. Quite a few of my novel characters show up in the collection, like Peter in “The Container of Sorrows” and Azhar in “The Quiet Places Where Your Body Grows”.  I hope the stories are something that you can savor. They’re meant to be read one at a time, hopefully as a little escape from daily life.

Great idea…What genre does it fall under?

MMY: I’d say it’s dark fantasy. There’s  a strong thread of magical realism in there, as well. It’s doing well in the horror circuit, which is a delight, but it’s gore-free. It’s a pretty little thing.

Perfect for Halloween mood. What is the name of your new book?

Beautiful Sorrows Cover (Final Front with Blurb)

Interesting…What other books would you compared to?

MMY: I’ve heard it compared to work by Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, and Kelly Link, which is flattering.  Sort of a 20th Century Ghosts meets Stardust. Dark and light. Hopeful and sorrowful.

LOL…What kind of impact do you expect your works to have in the reader’s lives?

MMY: Hopefully it will give them hope. A little bit of escape. I want the reader to become lost in words and lyricism and another world for just a little while. The stories are brief, so hopefully they can be a small treat that fits into the reader’s day.

Sound great…Is your book self-published or represented by an agency?

MMY: Beautiful Sorrows was published by Shock Totem Publications, which is a small dark press. I’m a member of the staff there. We put together a very cool magazine, and branched out into books and other projects. Beautiful Sorrows was sort of an experiment, since we had never done a collection before. It turned out beautifully. I couldn’t be more proud. Shock Totem has several other projects on tap at the moment.

Good for you. Where can we find your book?

MMY: Beautiful Sorrows can be found at the Shock Totem Store, which is here:

and also on Amazon, which is here:

Thank you so much! 

Your welcome, Mercedes. Happy writings…

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