5 stars for beginning “Wedding Cakes With Lorelie”

Wedding Cakes With Lorelie Step-by-Step by Lorelie  ***** readers favorite review

Wedding Cakes With Lorelie is a step-by-step self-help book for the beginner wedding cake maker. It has a comprehensive list of utensils, what baking terms mean, measurements, and where or what you need to buy to start with the business of baking wedding cakes. It explains what to do with the different tips for frosting and how you can use plastic to freeze your cake until another day. It should give the beginner confidence in trying to become a master.

It is easy to read and uses pictures to make the concepts clearer and easy. It also supplies tips on how to take care of, freeze, and make the frosting and cakes turn out the best. Furthermore, it contains a live link to a YouTube video and from there to their website where the beginner will find many more tips and ideas, questions, answers, and the support needed to be successful.

I found Wedding Cakes With Lorelie to be a very good baking book for the pastry student. I like the support and most of all the instructions and the way it made me feel that it is all so easy. I have made wedding cakes before, and they aren’t easy, but by reading Wedding Cakes With Lorelie I have found tips to make my cakes more easily and make them beautiful. The easy instructions walk you from the first ingredient in the cake to the frosting with an ease that will surprise you. I will treasure this book and all the wonderful tips and ideas in it. It is a great book for anyone who would like to learn how to make wedding cakes and for those who already know.

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