The Keepers of Sulbreth reviewed for

The Futhark Chronicles Volume One

Author: Susan Gourley


Young Adult and Adult

Susan’s first debut in the fantasy genre is a five star effort. I immensely enjoyed the characters and the world she had created. It is without a doubt a page-turner, a well-written book full of surprises.

It is the story of a young man, Cage, who has taken the responsibility of protecting a woman and her daughter, Kristall. After her husband died drunk, Anadalune raised Cage as his own mother when his real mother wanted nothing to do with him. The husband had been a man who enjoyed spending his family fortune at the brewer’s and in company of doubtful women. He had hated the boy openly, while Anadalune loved him even when she knew he was her husband’s bastard son. When Kristall, was born Cage became the true elder brother and protector of her as well.

Times are hard for the family when they find themselves with no money, and according with the law women couldn’t own a house. The brother-in-law was to take over the mansion and their care, but he had plans of his own for the widow and her daughter… plans to keep them close and personal.

Cage’s reputation as a hired swordsman and that of a stern man kept the brother-in-law at bay.

When a great tournament is planned to give the winner a land of his own close to the castle, Cage decides to enter to earn the land for his family. But this tournament is more than meets the eye. There is a reason behind the contest that traps Cage in it.

The keepers are special magical women who have a very secret guardianship over the kingdom and lots of power over the king. Not everyone is happy with their power. Many view them as witches that need to be destroyed. Then what is it that keeps the king devoted to their cause… their spells over him or a cause more sinister that they keep hidden from the populace to battle alone?

You will find the answer to this and many more questions in The Keepers of Sulbreth. A great fantasy book for all fantasy lovers.

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