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Author: Betsy Tobin

The year is AD 1000 and the myth and rich history of Iceland is loosely related by Betsy Tobin in her work Ice Land. The beauty of the countryside and its people are represented in a magnificent way in this book.

The book starts when the goddess Freya realizes that Iceland is at the brink of imminent disaster and she must find a necklace that will change the course of history. In her travels she finds two sisters who tell her where to find the necklace and dwarfs that are willing to exchange sex for it.

Then is the story of Fulla, a sixteen-year-old beautiful young lady who falls in love with the son of the man who killed her father. Like the story of Romeo and Juliet these two are torn apart by the hate that exists between their families. The young girl has become betrothed to a forty-something man when she discovers she is in love with Livi, the boy.

He grandfather forbids them to see each other again after he discovers the reason the first husband-to-be cancelled the engagement. Nonetheless, he arranges a new marriage for the girl. This time she is to leave Iceland and go to Norway to be married. She runs away only to find her grandfather dead when she returns.

Next, Mount Hekla has decided to burst at the seams and almost destroys everything on the island, killing the dwarfs and the Aesir in her fury. Left to deal with the after shocks, Freya stays and learns to live as a human with Dvalin, a half dwarf; his half brother; and a giant youngster.

The book is full of prose stories and tales, which were recounted around open fires for generations before they were set down on paper. The story of people who battle, fall in and out of love, commit infidelities, murder their relatives, set fire to their neighbors houses, and confront ghosts in the middle of the night have no equivalent in medieval English literature. It is an excellent book for adults who love saga, tall tales, and rich history; they will find it very pleasing.

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