Darkscape Redemption a review for Ijustfinished.com

Author: R. Garland Gray

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

This is a book full of deceit, rumors of war, and intergalactic problems in a world that holds to a precarious peace. The story starts when handsome Savage, Braemar Keep of Clan Douglas, considers himself not human. In his previous life he died as coward fighting on the wrong side of the war. Now he feels that it is his job to keep the royal family of his new clan safe from the many who are trying to do them in. The problems start when certain crystals are found by the Douglas clan and the other clans think they should share them. They resort to many forms of deceit and persecution to get what they want… even if it means the extermination of the whole Douglas clan.

Savage is a warrior and as one he has been altered to give him new life, to have better responses and thinking that any other human. Thus, he works alone and trusts no one. In his job as defender of the royal family he is ambushed and almost killed. His memory is erased and he remembers nothing but his instincts to survive.

When the young princess of the Clan MacKendrick looks upon him for the first time, she finds desire that she has never had before… he stirs wanting in her soul.

The next time she hears of him is in another city. Rumors come to her that Savage is a “pleasurer” and she wants to know if it is true. She risks all to save the life of the man who can’t ever love her but has stolen her heart.

In a mad dash, running for their lives, they find time for each other and for a world that is not ready for them. They are powerful partners, with his warrior’s enhanced skills and her intelligent curiosity. It helps save them, but what is more important to both… their very race’s existence.

This is a great Sci-Fi Romance book for adults, full of exciting passion, explicit sex, and lots of intergalactic chases… great for romance and Sci-Fi readers.

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