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Tony Kent is a great believer in self-education and personal growth, he has spent a considerable amount of time and income to learn from leaders in marketing, sales, and personal growth. It is from this view that he has written this book. He wants to share all his years of learning with the reader, so they can benefit from them. I found the book to be well written and easy enough to follow. The author wants to teach us the process of how to totally transform our lives and, as bi-product, help create wealth.


He believes in positive thinking and how everything you do will attract the same to your life. If you are negative, negative things will happen to you and negative people will enter your life to re-enforce your thoughts. The opposite is true also…if you think positively then all positive things will come into your life.

It would take me too long to test Kent’s ideas to tell you if they work or not, but I have experience in positive thinking and I can tell you that it works. If you give this book a chance you may be very surprised at the outcome. It is a nicely done self-help book that will probably change your life for the better.

This is a positive book on self-help, full of many ideas for the reader to test. It is a great book for young adults and adults alike, because you are never too old or to young to learn and progress. This moment is the future for your life…choose it wisely.



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