The Cow That Mooed Boo A review

The Cow That Mooed Boo by Catherine Leininger. Illustrations by a review for readers

This is a really nice, colorful story for elementary school children and their families. I, as an adult, enjoyed the tale—the telling and the teaching. It does a great job teaching that differences are good and that we need to respect them. It also teaches that friendship is a great thing to have and to have a friend first you need to be a friend.


Blue cow has a problem… she can’t say Moo. Every time she tries it comes out Boo. At first, the farmer couldn’t believe it and then he told her that Boo wasn’t allowed. She tries very hard to fix it and become like the rest of the cows but she cannot. Her cow friends try to help her practice the right way, but soon they become discouraged and leave poor Blue alone. Then they feel embarrassed by her.

When a group of kids comes to visit the farm, the cows feel that Blue will embarrass them and want to hide her in the barn. This makes Blue very sad. After crying alone, she feels that no one likes her and she runs away.

This is a story that is worthy of any library, home or otherwise. It has beautiful, fun illustrations on each page. They enhance the story well. It is a very good choice for parents, teachers and adults alike. This tale is a great work, with all the things needed to make it a favorite, not only for the children but also for the adults in their lives.

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