The Santa Exclusive by Brent Boswell and Interview

Brent how fun to meet you. Tell us what is your typical day like?

I start by feeding the cows. Then I try to get some work done, and then cap the whole day off by feeding more cows. It’s all very glamorous, really.

A cowboy, how awesome. I like cowboys…I married one. Do you write with music or not?

I don’t write with music, although I wish I could. I know Stephenie Meyer gets her muse on while listening to Muse, but I enjoy music almost as much as writing, so having tunes in the background ends up being more of a distraction than a help.

Sometime for me too. Do you outline your manuscript first? 

Almost always! I used to outline the book only in my head and then just go for it, but I found myself wandering around the plot-line, eventually forgetting some of my better twist and turns. Now I map everything out. It makes for less rewriting, the backstory happens almost automatically, and nothing important gets forgotten.

Good for you. What is the most difficult thing about being an author?

Finding time to write. Especially when you’re also working hard to market what you’ve already written.

Amen to that. How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it?

I always run everything past my mother. If she loves it, then I know America is going to love it! Oh, if only that were true.

LOL. I know what you mean. What is the title of your book?

santa exclusive cover

My Christmas novel is called The Santa Exclusive.

Sounds interesting. What inspired you to write this book?

Kind of a funny story, and by funny, I mean sad. While jogging, I cooked up the plot as a last minute entry in a publishing contest. Wrote the whole book in five days to meet the deadline and submitted the manu with zero editorial or pre reader feedback. Which was very unfortunate since, in my haste, I didn’t catch the spelling difference between “Claus” and “clause”. I guess some publishers discredit a person if they miss-spell the main character’s name a few hundred times…oh, and in pre-publishing, the book was called “An Interview with a Santa Claus,” so the misspelling was in the title as well. Sigh. You may have guessed, I didn’t win the contest, but in the end everything actually worked out for the better.

Wow what a tale. Tell us what it’s about?

How about we pull something from the back cover? Ran Anderson is a self-destructive, thirty-something journalist who believes gift giving at Christmas is a massive waste of resources. He loathes Santa for spearheading such widespread fiscal irresponsibility, especially considering the dismal state of the world’s economy. So when invited to conduct an exclusive, face-to-face interview with Claus just before the Holidays, Ran is eager to stump Santa by asking some very hard-hitting and even unpopular questions—but it turns out—Santa is eager to respond.

Ohhh so good. How do you come up with your character’s names?

And here’s where my creativity often fails me. I need to branch out in the name department, but no so far out that the name seems like I’m trying too hard to come up with something cool. I could see me naming charters after plants. Maybe something like Katniss or Primrose. Nah. That would never work. PS Your publisher will likely change your characters names, anyway!

Interesting to know that. What genre does your book fall under?

Amazon likes to post it under Christian Fiction, and that seems about right.

What will be your next project?

After writing a Christmas book, and three action-adventure novels for boys, I’m crossing over to the other side and writing for women. Watch for an American Idol spinoff and a teen girl bank heist instalment from me in the very near future.

Can’t wait. Where can we buy a copy of your book?

Your favorite book store can get them, but Amazon is the easiest. Here’s a link

Brent, we wish you the best Christmas ever and the most successful New Year. 🙂

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