Writing groups what are they?

A writing group is a group of people who all love writing in one form or another. Some write romance, SciFi, life stories, westerns, poetry and anything under the sun.

All of the members in these writers’ groups are in different stages of their lives and in writing. Some have been writing the same story for twenty years, and their hair is white. Others are published at twenty-five and the rest fall in between.

Why should you belong to a writer’s group?

These groups are a great source of encouragement as all of them think like you. (They all hear voices in their heads and that is all right.)  They are a source of ideas to promote your book, or inspiration when you have writer’s block. Most of all a source of expertise for anything related to writing.

Writing groups are great ways to get, suggestions, motivation and energy for your writing. Also they can help you find a critique group that will enhance your work and help you  polish your book for publication. Whether online, at a local college, or in your community, they will offer you great learning tools to make your work the best it can be.

I have learned a great deal from my two writers’ chapters and wish that I had joined them before I published my first book. It would have been a lot easier.

There are many workshops, that writers’ groups can offer you. You will learn from how to organized your time to write, to how to enter contests for your book or stories. Also the ways not to approach a agent and how and when to pitch your work.

How do you find a group that will be fit for you?

Google “writers associations” and see what you can find. I belong to The League of Utah Writers, and I know they are nationally affiliated. Put in your state instead of Utah and see what you get. This will be the best investment you will ever make as a writer.

Best wishes to you and your writings.

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