The Zondon a review

by Robby Charters

Smashwords Edition

This is the most remarkable story I have ever read. It is refreshing and completely new in concept and legend. It is full of details that will capture your imagination to the very end. The details of the worlds created in this story are unique and beautiful. More so the great plot and eloquent way that it is portrayed.

It has so much background on each of the main characters that each could be a story of its own. I also loved the way that the author knew so much about the places the characters visit. The language, the customs, the food and even the names of streets are so much a part of the places the characters encounter.

The story is about seven sets of twins in which one person of each set has a job to do to keep earth free of the darkness covering the rest of the galaxy. They are extraterrestrials that need to be born on earth to be able to use the elements from this planet. Earth is the key planet to keep the balance of the universe and thus they are commission for that task.

Each extraterrestrial needs to learn to be a human before they are ready to wake up to their lives before earth. It happens at different times in their lives. The one thing they have in common with each other is that they all have dreams about stars and planets many times during their growing years and have been teased by their twins and families for that.

A great talent is needed to be able to get away with this many characters and have such a complete and unique background for each one of them. However, the way the information is presented can make a whole difference if the book is good or boring. In this book the background for a given character was given all at once, and thus feels a bit overwhelming at times. Smaller doses of information at a time would have been easier to follow and much more entertaining. Even so I think this is a masterpiece of history mixed with Sci-Fi.

The amount of research used for this book was intense and is very precise in the historical parts of the tale. The author’s knowledge of places, languages, customs, and everyday events seems extensive and thorough. I wondered many times if he was a Middle Eastern man and had grown up in their culture. It’s that good, it will surprise you.

I recommend it to teens and adults alike.

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