Erica Rock Kiefer author of Borrowed Angel

Erica Rock Kiefer is the author of Borrowed Angel. this book deal with the sensitive aspect of loosing a baby.  

Erica welcome. Tell us where you were born?

I was born in Whittier, California. Since my mom went into labor two week’s early, I became a Christmas Eve baby! I can’t claim California as home though, since my dad’s job as a foreign service office took me overseas right as I was about to start Kindergarten. I spent most of my childhood in Bangkok, Thailand before moving to Utah for college.

How exiting. What is the most difficult thing about being an author?

Because I am first a wife and mother, the most difficult aspect of being an author is finding time to write. I’m often battling guilt if I turn on a show to “babysit” my two kids while I work on marketing or writing, and in the evenings I feel bad ignoring my husband for too long. Currently, I am struggling with deciding what I want to write next.

🙂 Who has made the greatest difference for you as a writer?

Especially with my fiction writing, I find that I rely on my husband a ton to be my sounding board! He would never enjoy writing fiction, but his head is full of ideas and it’s fun to include him in my brainstorming. He also has more belief in me than I have for myself! I am a better writer because of his encouragement and support.

So awesome… Who or What inspired you to write this book?

Within a few hours of returning home and leaving my baby, Ty, at the hospital, I grabbed blank paper and a pen and sat down to write. I wrote about that awful morning of finding my son in his crib, and I scribbled the horror of it all. The next day, I sent an email to friends and relatives explaining what happened. As I went through the grief and healing process, I continued to write. Every day or at least once a week, I wrote on my blog and captured my deepest moments of pain, which were usually followed by how I discovered spiritual comfort.

Family and friends reading my blog told me that as emotional as it was reading my blog, they unexpectedly felt uplifted by my words because I usually found ways to incorporate a gospel message I had felt and learned. Some asked me to make my blog public—others suggested the idea of a book.

Since I was already trying to get my first novel published (“Lingering Echoes,” published in 2013), I was learning about the publishing world and decided to try my hand at compiling my blog experiences into a book. I will never forget that moment when I received the email from Walnut Springs offering me publication!

What is the name of your new book? 

The title of the book is Borrowed Angel.


Tell us more about it.

Like many parents who lose a child, I refer to Ty as my angel. After he died, I had thoughts like, “I don’t understand why God took my baby away . . .” The understanding came later that Ty was God’s first before Ty was lent to me. I borrowed Ty from Heavenly Father and He welcomed Ty back into His arms, thus the title of the book.

Borrowed Angel was originally going to be named Taumafai, which is the Samoan word for “perseverance.” You will have to read the book to completely understand the concept of Taumafai, but in short, Borrowed Angel describes the ups and downs of my grief and explores how I found hope and healing through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What genre does your book fall under?

Borrowed Angel is categorized as Inspirational nonfiction, though depending on the bookstore, it may be shelved under self-help or family. The book itself is definitely a combination of all of these aspects.

 What kind of impact do you expect your works to have in the reader’s lives?

There are a lot of textbooks on how to grieve and what to expect during the process, though there is less material regarding loss of a child. My goal is to bring hope to those who are suffering from loss, or if you know someone experiencing such a tragedy then perhaps to understand what that loss is like and how to comfort. In the early stages of my own loss, I had parents reach out to me who had experienced similar pain. Talking to them and hearing their stories of perseverance brought me comfort and hope that one day I would find a sense of normalcy in my life again. In turn, I want my open and honest experiences to do the same for others.

 What have you learned from writing this book?

Writing Borrowed Angel was very therapeutic for me. As I went through my blog and tried to compile my experiences into a book, I realized how much help I had received from other people and from God. It has been rewarding to go through the book and see how I’ve grown from the experience. I don’t know that I will ever say I wouldn’t change this trial in my life. However, I will say that I can appreciate all that I have learned about grief and healing and especially in the growth of my testimony of the gospel. Writing this book helped me see this growth more clearly.

Where can we find your book? (Please live links work best)

Links to come, as soon as the books go live.

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