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The Wrong Time

by Robby Charters

This is the most interesting tale of a man, Sean, who is transported to a parallel universe by chance. He meets people and goes to places he has never been before to find the way to his home world. And back to his wife Erin.

In some universes he is married to Mimi and he doesn’t like it, so he looks for the universe in which he was happy with Erin. It isn’t easy but after many tries he gets the hang of it. Sean travels to multiple universes and enjoys the freedom it gives him, thus he becomes a time traveler. In one universe he is a bestselling author, while in his real world he is not.

In his world, his marriage to Erin is tottering so he finds another universe with another Erin in it. Pretty soon he decides to play God and change the future in different universes and finds it very inspiring. “I only made another alternative universe. For goodness sake, they’ve got copies in every other universe. ” He would say to excuse himself.

His need to boast of the things he does is such the he starts to visit the universe where he is a bestselling author. He gives himself new book manuscripts that no one wants in his universe and collects some money from the author.

Sean also boasts of the things he has introduced or taken from the other universe while he visit his author self. Every visit he has changed something and created another alternative universe. Soon enough the author Sean gets tired of the reckless nature of his traveling self and conceive a plan to keep Sean on his home world.

This is a refreshing and engaging read. It will be liked by Sci-Fi and time travel aficionados alike. I recommend it to adults but many teens would like it also.

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