Cherie Colyer Paranormal Thriller, YA Author

Cherie, where are you from?I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs all my life.

Nice place. If you could travel to any time in history, when would you visit?

The 1800s. I’d love to go to a ball and to meet Emily Bronte.

If you could have dinner with any of your characters, which ones would be?

From one of my books, I’d choose Caden. He’s been around a long time and has seen a lot. From someone else’s book, Hermione Granger.

That is a great idea. What food would you serve?

I’d keep it simple: burgers, fries and a salad. That’s what I see them enjoying the most.

If you could travel anywhere, on earth or off, where would you go?


I’m doing it this summer. 🙂 Describe your dream writing spot.

A secluded cottage overlooking the ocean, preferably somewhere warm so I can write outside.

That would be an awesome place. How did you find enough commitment to complete your book?

I love writing, so my love to craft a story others would enjoy kept me going.

What is the name of your book?




Hold Tight are part of a series.


Interesting titles. Give us a back blurb of your book.

For Embrace, book 1: Anything can happen when there are people who possess the Powers. When sixteen-year-old Madison Riley’s best friend becomes ill, seeing things that aren’t there and desperately trying to escape their evil, Madison will need to embrace these powers to save her friends.

Cool blurb. What kind of research did you do for this book?

I read everything I could on witchcraft, the Salem witch hunts, and other lore. I then research Essex County, Massachusetts, so readers will feel as if they were in Gloucester with Madison on her friends.

Really? Any special appearances or events coming up that you want to mention?

My newest paranormal thriller, Challenging Destiny, is being released on Kindle at the end of March and I’ll be presenting at a conference in Wisconsin in October.

My best to you. Where can we find your books?

Embrace, Amazon: Embrace, Barnes & Noble:

Hold Tight, Amazon: Hold Tight, Barnes & Noble:

Thanks for this opportunity, Anna.

Your welcome Cherie.

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