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I have enjoyed reading Freezing Point this past week. It is an intriguing tale of two different groups of people who find themselves in opposing roles but still connected to each other in the cold Antarctic. The one group collects icebergs to melt into water for the needs of the population in different parts of the world.

The other is a group of scientists that includes the diabetic wife of their leader together with two environmentalists who are not currently activists, yet are very much in tune with the planet.

All seems to be well until the diabetic woman gets pregnant and is keeping it from her husband or she will be shipped back home where she can have the care she needs. But her studies are important enough that she doesn’t want anyone to know. She spends her days with horrible morning sickness that she hides by finding a cave where she goes to puke every morning.

Then they discover some neighbors, a pack of rats that are multiplying at a fast pace and have changed their habits to survive in this cold place. They start to hunt in packs and can kill most anything in just minutes. Then to add to the chaos, all of a sudden, people start to get sick with weird symptoms that start to be displayed by some in the scientific community. The mystery graduates to an even higher level when dead people start to pop up.

In the meantime, the group on the biggest iceberg known to that date is trying to melt it with a new wave created for this purpose. Everything is going fine until the best men in the group start to have memory problems and act radically in many ways. Then the man that is second in charge of the multi-million dollar project is found dead on the iceberg.

The pressure for a return on investors’ money is great in the company especially after months without an iceberg from which to get water. For this reason the head of the company (and brother-in-law to the dead man) keep the manner of his death secret, which in turns starts a rumor that the dead man died as a result of the new waves they are using to melt the iceberg. This further incites the environmentalists against them.

This book will keep you in suspense every minute, making it hard to put down. The characters are believable normal people put into a frustrating and unusual situation in the coldest place on earth. Nonetheless, in the mist of harrowing experiences, the survivors manage to discover a secret that can change human life forever.

The author did a great job of representing the life and surroundings of the Antarctic and the nearby countries. The only thing I would like to add is that it is not an every day occurrence that policemen in my country, Chile carry an automatic weapon. Neither do they use them to keep peace amongst the people. They used them in Punta Arenas to keep peace with our neighboring countries and to make sure all recognize that we claim sovereignty over a piece of the Antarctic. I recommend this book for all lovers of mystery and suspense, but it is not for young readers. You will enjoy the surprising end to this freezing tale.

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