Five things to do when approaching an agent

The five things you need to know before you send your manuscript to an agent are:

1-    Don’t send all your manuscript at once. Certainly never send your only copy.

2-   Make sure you read and follow their guidelines.

3-   Make your query letter as short is possible.

4-   They want you to hook them in the first paragraph.

5-    Your manuscript needs to be edit near perfection.

1- Agents are swamp with writer’s queries. They are on the alert of how to get read of some of the piles they need to get to but have not time. When you send all the manuscript they will throw your envelope stray in the garbage and you loose the money it cost you to send it.

2- If they happen to open your letter and figure that they don’t work with the genre you do, you just make them very mad and wasted their and your time.

3- When is Friday 4:30 p.m. and the agent is ready to go home for the weekend… whose letter do you think he will open next, the small envelope or the package with the three chapters? Still you need to read and follow their guidelines for submission.

4- If you don’t pick their interest in the first paragraph or page you just lost your chance with them. The first paragraph or first page has to be powerful and a page-turner.

5- The agents have much to do and if they can get a manuscript that is well edited their jobs become easier. They will pass a great book if the editing is bad for one less great but whose editing is excellent. Do you really want to loose your only chance because of poor editing?

Now happy writings to you.

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