Dreams of Beauty a review for ReadersFavorite.com

Author: Aubrie Dionne

This is a beautiful fairytale full of enchantment and magic created by Aubrie Dionne. It is well written, fast paced, and completely believable.

It begins when a young orphan named Emme visits a desolated manor with her best friends, Stella and Jack, on a rainy day. In this abandoned house she finds a portrait of the prior owner of the home. Davian Hawthorne’s blue eyes embedded themselves in her heart forever.

The rumors circulated that Davian had disappeared one day and no one knew why. His younger sister, Emily, however is still alive a hundred years later.

Rosalie Hawthorne will be the new owner of the Hawthorne Manor and she has big plans for the estate and the town that is housed upon her terrain. Emme discovers that the woman will sell everything to developers as soon as Emily dies.

As soon as Rosalie moves into the Hawthorne house, Emme starts to have vivid dreams and in them she sees and talks with Davian. At first, she thinks them just dreams, but then the desire to know what happened to him takes over.

In her dreams, she goes back to the past and visits her grandfather’s life at the time that he fell in-love with her grandmother. Emme thus discovers how greedy and vengeful Rosalie is, and that she has had a hand in all her own life, including the untimely death of her parents. About this time, Emme realizes that to save her town and Emily from Rosalie she needs to find and awake Davian.

To her surprise, she finds help not only in her dreams, but also from Malicene, the Hawthorne lady who started it all by wanting to be beautiful forever.

This is a refreshing view or a new fairytale that has a bad stepmother, a witch, dark dreams, and love. It is a great combination of old and new. This tale will be enjoyed by pre-teens, teens, and adults alike.

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