Sisters of Survival Healing & deliverance by Katrina Cook

  • Katrina, how has your family background affected your writing, if it has?

    My family background affected my writing in the way of breaking free to be me and breaking free to live.

    What gave me the nerve to write my first book?

    It was an inspiration through God when I was going through a separation/divorce from my ex husband.

    Please describe your writing process

    My writing process was long, challenging and there were times I did give up because I didnt believe in myself. I didnt have the confidence of presenting my work to the publics eyes.

    Where you do your best work?

    I do my best work away from distractions and into my quiet. Mostly, I love being around the sounds of water.

    What is the Name of your book


    The name of my book is ‘sisters of survival, restoring the whole woman.

    Give us a Book Blurb

    It’s about wounded individuals especially women, who have come from abusive relationships to abusing themselves and taking the courageous steps to walk through the journey of their personal healing and deliverance.

    What goal did you have for your book?

    The goal I originally had for my books and still do is to be able to stand before an audience who is hungry for change and to speak life, healing and deliverance unto them. To actually see my books on the shelves of stores and hear it broadcast on the radio stations.

    How did you decide whether to self-publish or find a mainstream publisher?

    I decided to self-publish because trying to find an agent was too costly, and if I was not a Juanita Bynum or Cindy Trimm, the agents were not taking new writers. Therefore, I took another route.

    How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it?

    I know the idea of writing this book was Good because it was not of myself that I write it. I didnt want to confront my own hidden issues, but I had to in order to write and finish the book. I know it is a good idea because it was all God’s doing.

    Where can we find your books?

  • link to find my book…


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2 Responses to “Sisters of Survival Healing & deliverance by Katrina Cook”

  1. Shubham says:

    NIcole Over a year ago, I randomly puashrced Trying to Stay Saved. I didn’t even read it until this summer (2012) and I must say that since reading it and realizing that I was reading the fourth book in a series, I immediately went and ordered all of the books in the series!! I’ve also realized that there is a sub series from the New Day Divas series, The Still Divas series.. and I still have to order the last two of that series. I am more than addicted to your work. I enjoy reading and what I have found in reading your books is that I am inspired to read the Word of God more. To really study and apply the Word to my life. Reading these books have changed my spiritual life. I am determined to read, pray, and seek God in all that I do. Reading your books are the only books that don’t cause me to feel convicted about the content and influence that non-christian book s contain. Thank you so much for such amazing work. Continue to allow God to use you through your writing because you are changing lives At least, you have changed mine. Thank You

    • Shubhan, I am not sure you got the right post. This post was published long time ago and the author’s name is Katrina Cook no Nicole. I am confused why you choose my blog to post your comment to. The author won’t see it because is an old post. 🙂 thanks for commenting anyways.

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