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The Christian way is to see other human beings as we see ourselves. This is a well-written book that inspires to do a bit more even when you think you have nothing to give. It is full of ideas and resources to help you be more generous with your blessings and share them with others. The many ways that we can give love, time, resources, and other items are discussed in depth here. The thought is that if we love others as Jesus loves us, we will never leave any human being without succor is quite evident in the pages of this book.

Mercy Rising will be a great self-help for anyone from young adults to adults. They will find a treasure of wisdom and insight of not only why and how we should give, but also when. It is a guide that every home should have to not only motivate us to give, but also to motivate us to give the right way and for the right reason.

I was impressed that this book doesn’t leave you feeling that you are not giving enough. Instead it validated what you are already doing and coaches you to give better. The sentiment that giving is good, but giving with love is the best, is very well conveyed in this book.

After each concept of giving and why, you will find a test page to help you figure how well you have learned the concept. It is a great guide to teach children and teens to give of their time, efforts, and money the right way.

The book includes a well-done Charitable Organization Resource Guide. It also contains pages about human trafficking and a reference on how to discover and stop it. Its teachings include quotes from the bible. This book contains Hope, Healing Light, Rebuilding and labor of love. It can be used by teachers in schools, preachers in their congregations and concerned parents who see the deteriorating state of our “Me” society and want to change it.

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