Maria Hoagland author of Nourish & Strengthen & Family Size

What is the title of your book? 

I have two books. The first is Nourish

N&S Final front

& Strengthen and the second is called Family Size.

Family Size Cover Final 560x800

Describe your series? 

While they are not part of a series, both novels are a similar genre. Both are inspirational women’s fiction geared toward an LDS audience. They deal with the LDS culture and the day-to-day life of contemporary women’s issues with a medical focus as well. Nourish & Strengthen deals with diabetes, and Family Size explores fertility issues from several different angles. They’re uplifting and encouraging while based in reality.

What genre would you classify it into?

LDS women’s fiction

How did you come up with the idea for the series? 

I wrote the kind of book I like to read. Medical issues intrigue me, and I like to think about how living with a certain issue might affect my life and the lives of those I love most.

How has your journey from writing to getting published been? 

I am an indie author and love it! Although I had a publisher interested in looking over my second book, I decided to independently publish because I love the freedom and independence of making all the decisions from design to timing.

Who is you favorite character in the series and why? 

I’m not sure I could choose a favorite character! Isn’t that like asking which of my children I love the most? But if I had to choose, I would probably pick a secondary character I’m writing right now. Erika is spunky and the best friend a person could ever have, but shh . . . don’t tell my other characters!

What was the hardest part of writing the series? 

The hardest part for me is getting it done!! With everything else I’ve got going on in my life (don’t we all?), finding the time to write, revise, revise, revise, and edit have, so far, taken me about eighteen months at a time. I always think I’ll be faster on the next book, but it has yet to happen. But I would rather take my time and make sure the book is exactly what I want than push to release something that isn’t ready!

Who designed the covers of the books? 

I did! Designing the covers is one part of the process I look  forward to! By the time I finish all the writing, revising, and editing, I’m excited to work on the next phase of publication and often have a pretty solid idea of what I want anyway. Yeah, except for now. I’m at the point that I should be prepping to work on my next cover, but I have too many great ideas for the cover and can’t decide.

When is the next book in the series coming out? 

Soon, I hope! I am in the revision stage and plan to have it to beta readers in the next couple of weeks. Then it depends on how long readers spend with it, how much revision needs done according to their input, and then the editing will begin. I’m thinking Battling Time will probably be released this summer or in early fall.

Could you describe what happens in the next book in the series? 

I’m really exited about the next book as well! This one is again in the same genre but with completely different characters. It has to do with an LDS missionary and Alzheimer’s–but not in the same person!

Give us three facts about you, that we could not read just about anywhere. 

Ooh! Tough question! Let’s see . . . I’ve got a bit of a steampunk streak in me–or maybe more specifically, clockpunk. I love anything to do with clocks! My favorite food is raspberries. And I’ve lived in twenty-seven houses or apartments–if I counted correctly.

Your favorite, ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover? 

Of course, as a bibliophile, I love books–in any way, shape, or form. I’m getting ready to go on a trip, and I’m making sure I’ve got my eReader charged and loaded. I love knowing I won’t run out of things to read. But nothing beats a great paperback I can feel in my hands, stuff in my purse, or pass to a friend!

Where can we find your books?  

You can find Nourish & Strengthenand Family Size pretty much anywhere for eBook. It is available at Amazon (

Barnes & Noble (, iTunes (

Kobo (

Paperbacks can be ordered from Amazon (

If you’d like a bit of a discount and want it signed, you can order from my website (

They’ve also been found in both the BYU and BYU-Idaho bookstores.


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