7 Goals for a Future Author

Some of your goals as a future author should be:
1. Learn to fix what you write
2. Learn to improve your good writing
3. Learn how to create interesting writing
4. Learn to let others read your work
5. Learn to accept criticism
6. Learn to put down all that is in your mind
7. Learn to have a discipline to write a bit every day
Now I will explain each of this goals, but keep in mind that probably there are many more.
#1. Join a writer’s, and/or critic group before you think of publishing your book. There they will invite different people to help you with inspiration and with your writing skills. You will learn many techniques by listening to those who have more experience and then go home and use what you learn. The more you use the tips the easier they will become.
#2. Read a chapter many times but let it sit in between readings. It will help you see those easy errors that your eyes tend to skip over.
#3. By reading other authors’ books, especially in your genre, you will get ideas of how to make your writing interesting. If you write “the soldier was tired of traveling” it is fine, but it is much better if you write: “The man’s pants had picked up the dust of the road he travelled, while his feet shuffled along the cracked terrain. He looked up at the cloudless sky with a raised hand shading him from the sun at the same time that he licked his dried lips.”
#4. This is hard, but a very important step. Start with someone you trust and give them a couple of pages or the first chapter. Let

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