interview Margaret L. Turley Author

Today we interview Margaret L. Turley author of the book Save the Child.

Anna: Welcome, Margaret, it’s good to have you with us.

Answer: Thank you for allowing me to share Save the Child and Writers Unite to Fight Cancer with you today.

Anna: What genre is your book and who is your target audience?

Answer: I wrote Save the Child as a fiction novel. I felt that I would reach a larger audience that way. I am aiming for Parents, Grandparents, Law Makers, attorneys in Family and Health Law, and Healthcare givers.

Anna: Was there a particular person or event that inspired you to write this story?

Answer: In 2003 I heard about the Parker Jensen case in Utah. I felt great sympathy for the parents. I have followed that case and others since then and started my project to write a book about parents’ rights to choose their children’s healthcare at that time.

Anna: Tell us about the hero / and or heroine in your book(s).

Answer:  Nancy and Robert Johnson are the parents of Sharon Johnson – an eight-year-old girl who is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Nancy is vehemently opposed to chemotherapy, considers it poison. Robert is a law student and asks his professor for help with their case when CPS comes in and removes custody away from them and gives it to the state.

Anna: Tell us about the villain. Is it a person, thing, or circumstance?

Answer:  The villain here is cancer, a vicious disease. The Johnsons are also opposed by the doctors and by the law.

Anna: After you wrote the book(s) how long did it take you to get it published?

Answer: I gave the manuscript files to my editor last year August. So it is a little more than a year later now that the book is published.

Anna: Where can we purchase a copy of your book(s)?

Answer: You can order the books from my website: Save the Child. ( It will also be available through soon.

Anna: We wish you our best to you and your book. This certainly is a topic we all need to look at.

Answer: I hope you and your family will remain healthy and cancer free. Margaret L. Turley RN

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