Chronicles of the Daemon Knights in Sorceress, a review

Sorceress, Chronicles of the Daemon Knights  by David Korinetz

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Chronicles of the Daemon Knights by David Korinetz, was a treat to read. It is well written and the story is charming and interesting. It moves quickly and keeps you glued to the pages at every turn.


A beautiful, redheaded sorceress named Magdalen is not only caught in the dark nets of her former teacher but also in the heart of the commander of the Daemon Knights, both sworn enemies. Magdalen once possessed the power to command the firedrakes, a creature smaller than a dragon, with the aid of the Aedon, but now has been stripped of her powers by a wise and good wizard.

She was a dark wizard’s apprentice for some years until she wanted the power for herself. The wizard is ready to make her pay for her treason with her life until she figures out that Rodney, the commander of the Deamon Knights, is in love with her.

Aedon is one of the four amulets that contain the elfs’ magic. When the four amulets are together they say their power will grant eternal life to the wielder and that is what a Halfling wizard with dark desires wants. He is poisoned with the thought that he will rule with a hand of iron over all the people. His dark desires, however, are not welcome by the rest of civilization who is trying to keep the amulets away from him and each other.

The story clearly doesn’t finish at the end of the book, it continues to others. Yet this book is clean, entertaining and a must read for fantasy readers of all age.

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