The Employee Rights Handbook review for

Steven Mitchell Sack, the Employee’s Lawyer

Since I love fantasy, I thought this book was going to be boring, but I wanted to give it a try anyways. It turns out that I was wrong. I found it down to earth and readable by any person regardless of the education they may have. Many law books are written so only a lawyer can understand the lingo, this book is not like that. It was easy enough that a person with English as a second language (me) could understand it.

Not only do I understand the wording but also its concepts. It clearly defines the legal and illegal questions that an employer might ask in an interview or even when a person is fired unfairly. Furthermore, it gives an example letter to state the complains on many situations and where to send such letters. Many times I have wanted to complain, but have never known where to send one, now I know.

It has step by step instructions on how to obtain a contract that will secure your job and what questions you should ask before you sign it. It talks of how to protect your rights on the job. Includes your benefits as a full time, part time and every other way that you can be employ.

It discusses what unions are and how they help you. It also states how and where to submit a complaint if they don’t represent you in a timely manner or full-heartedly.

There are examples of cases of how people handle different situation dealing with employers in an arrey of situations like lie detector, wiretapping, AIDS testing etc.

It has an extensive well of wisdom with many scenarios of how to protect yourself from any kind of problem at work. Discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblowing, breach of contract and many more points are cover in this book. I believe it is a very complete book and should be in every house in the USA. It will help you see how much better your life can be as an employee who knows what his job and rights are. It will empower the employee to secure his livelihood and many headaches will be avoided by using this book as a text for an everyday resource.

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