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Tami, what is your typical day like?


If I’m working on a novel, I spend a great deal of the day writing. If I am not working on a current novel (I take breaks at times) I love to spend my time reading. Stephen King in his book, On Writing, stated the following: “If you don’t have time to read, then you don’t have time to write.” I agree—reading is a very important part of the writing process. Other than that, I’m a typical housewife and mother with many responsibilities.

Many of us do…Do you write with music or not?

I enjoy music, but I’m not talented in that area at all. I am a storyteller.

Good for you. Do you outline your manuscript first?

It depends on whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Though I rarely write nonfiction, I do use an outline. I used an outline to write “Spirits of Gettysburg, Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide” because it is a collection of short stories. When I’m writing fiction, I do not use an outline. I don’t like the constraints. I like to let the story take me where it wants to go. I of course have an idea of where it is headed, but I won’t tie myself down, often times along the way, the story takes a turn I didn’t expect.

Isn’t that fun? What is the most difficult thing about being an author?

Though I enjoy helping others, a lot of people approach me and want me to read their manuscript, or, they want to know how to get their book published. Reading their manuscript is time-consuming and I hate to give bad reviews—and I’ve read some pretty bad ones. Asking me “how to get a book published” has a very long answer. There is genre to consider, nonfiction verses fiction, literary agents, publishers, etc. Most people who do not write believe you print out a manuscript, send it to Random House, and in a few weeks it’s on every bookshelf in the nation—I wish it was that easy.

You and me too. How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it?

Passion! I’ve tried to write many books in the past that became a chore. I struggled to write and after a few months, I gave up. When I really have passion about the topic, or story, I can’t stop writing—I stay up late at night and jump up early in the morning anxious to get started.

What is the title of your book?

spirits of gettysburg

Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide by Tami Rasel (married name)

Looks awesome. What inspired you to write this book?

I have worked as a Ghost Tour Guide in the most haunted town in the United States for over thirteen years. During that time, I collected stories often told to me by my guides and tourist– many of the short stories in my novel are the same ones you would hear on my tour. It only seemed appropriate that the first novel I wrote would be about my tour. I am also in love with the history of Gettysburg. It is a very sacred and humble place to visit. Those who gave their lives there in only three short days in 1863 should never be forgotten.

How interesting. Tell us what is about?

Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide are for those who have a love of history—particularly the Battle of Gettysburg–and for those interested in the paranormal—both will enjoy it. Throughout its pages you will visit many of the fields and homes that played such an intricate part in the infamous battle. 51,000 casualties were left behind after only three days, 5,000 horses piled up in town to be burned and disposed of, entire divisions wiped out in a single day, and the stench of Gettysburg smelled up to ten miles away. In the pages of this novel you will hear the heart wrenching stories of those whose spirits remained behind to remind us of the sacrifices that were made by ordinary people in that tiny town for our nation and our freedom.

Amen to that. How do you come up with your character’s names?

The characters in Spirits of Gettysburg: Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide are the actual people who took part in the battle. But, I have written fiction as well. I collect names. When I hear great names that sound like a character out of a novel I add it to my list and I draw from that list when I’m writing. I am also a genealogy nut, and so, on occasion, I like to use names from my family history. It’s my little way of paying tribute to them.

What genre does your book fall under?


Very nice…What will be your next project?

I’ve been involved in another project for the past couple of years. I have written a trilogy, Blue Moon over Martinsburg, by Tami Cox (my pen name) that falls in the genre of chic-lit/romance (men have enjoyed it as well). It is the coming of age story of a young girl from Pennsylvania, Molly, who spends the summer with a favorite cousin in Martinsburg, West Virginia. While there, she meets and falls in love with a local country boy, Boone O’Toole. The setting is in the 1970’s –a more innocent time for romance. Unfortunately, many obstacles keep them apart in the first novel. Boone has a dark secret that rears its ugly head in the second novel—he has a serious drug and alcohol addiction. His addiction causes a lot of destruction and heartache for the young couple. I am currently writing the third and final novel to the series, due out this November.   It has gotten a lot of five star reviews on Amazon—check it out!



Sounds awesome. Where can we buy a copy of your book?




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