Strange and Lovely: Ten Paranormal Tales of Thrills and Romance

Cynthia Jane Savage Anaya talks about the Anthology  “Strange and Lovely: Ten Paranormal Tales of Thrills and Romance.”

Cynthia how did you came up with the idea for an anthology?

Rebecca Gage was the author involved in planning this anthology and specifically seeking out the other nine authors involved. She wanted to create a fun, clean, paranormal book filled with short stories for teens and up to read and enjoy.

Great idea. How did you find all the authors for it?

Rebecca and I met at an ANWA conference last February and hit it off immediately. When she contacted me a few months ago about her project idea she asked for author suggestions. I thought Jennifer Stewart Griffith would be a perfect match for this, and Jennifer was contacted and then she suggested a few others. Rebecca contacted Jenni James who agreed to jump in on the project and also suggested a few other authors for our anthology. So it was a group effort.

Nice job. What is the name of this anthology?


Strange and Lovely: Ten Paranormal Tales of Thrills and Romance

I like it. How many authors are in the book?

All together we have ten. Jenni James, Cindy M. Hogan, Stephanie Fowers, Amber Argyle, Christine Fonseca, Jennifer Griffith, M. Leigh Marrott, C. J. Anaya, Jennifer Griffin Bryce and Rebecca Gage.

Much talent in that list. Is this book YA?

Yes, it is.

What genre does this anthology belong under?

This anthology is considered YA paranormal romance/thriller

Do this authors only write YA paranormal romance/thrillers?

Many of our authors stick strictly to YA Fiction, but the subgenre is varied. you’ll find clean teen romances, clean, adult romances, thrillers etc. For example, Jenni James is the author of The Jane Austen Diaries which is a YA, Teen Romance.

A great variety there. Where will you promote this book?

We are planning on having a huge release party for the book online Oct. 10-11th entitled, Strange and Lovely: Ten Paranormal Tales of Thrills and Romance Release Party. We invite anyone interested in finding new, clean writers and their books to come and interact with the authors and guest authors who will be guest posting during the event. There will be plenty of opportunities to enter giveaways and win ebooks, paperbacks and fan swag. We will also have giveaways on goodreads, twitter parties and blog tours. It’s going to be a fun marketing campaign. Here is the link for the event.

My best to you all. Are you having any contests for this tour?

We have created a huge rafflecopter giveaway that will go live at the same time the party starts, but it will run for a month. We hope to have several authors donate gifts so all of our fans will have more opportunities to win books from authors they love and find new authors to love. It will be a fun collaboration that will help everyone involved receive a little more exposure for their own books and author pages. People who visit our release party will be able to find the rafflecopter giveaway link posted there.

Where can we find the anthology?

Book Blurb:

Vampires, changelings, and ghosts…oh my! From fae assassins to subjugating the dead, Strange and Lovely is a collection of short stories that seamlessly blends spine-tingling chills and swoon-worthy romance.

This anthology of supernatural creatures from ten talented authors, serves up short stories with heart-stopping storytelling that will haunt you long after you’ve put it down.

If you love tales of the paranormal variety, but can’t decide which ghostly, supernatural or otherworldly creature to focus on, here’s the perfect book for you.

Whether humorous, suspenseful, or romantic, the stories in Strange and Lovely will leave you feeling wickedly entertained.

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