Tales of the Booga Dooga Land by Deepak Menon

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Tales of the Booga Dooga Land – The Horus is a very cute story for children and their parents. In it you will find clean wholesome adventures for the whole family. The writing is different, but the tale is very nicely done. This book contains very colorful tales with a great array of drawings to keep the little ones focused. Its pages reveal a great story with the flavor of tales heard on grandma’s lap.


OctoDoll and Pickwick live in Booga Dooga Land and one Sunday afternoon they go on a picnic. They find the perfect spot to have their lunch when the day gets transformed to night in a blink of the eye. Not only that, but OctoDoll and Pickwick have frozen to the very spot where they stand and even the trees can’t move. They know this is caused by a malady that has been gone for a long time and has come back, hungry and mad for revenge.

OctoDoll and Pickwick watch as Horus comes on a straight line for them and they can’t do anything about it. And what is even worse is that no one else seems to know what is going on. The Silver Dragon sees the dark menace and comes to the rescue of OctoDoll and Pickwick but isn’t strong enough. Can he help his friends or will they be eaten by the dark menace?

This very simple and cute book will entertain your little ones with its colorful drawings and tale. This chapter book is a very good match for elementary school children.


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