Blog Hop… what are they?

I have always said that if we as authors stick together we can be strong. Our support and encouragement of each other, without feeling obligated to spend money will take us to the top. In case you are wondering, Yes, I do believe in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If you give positive support you will receive positive support. So, pay it forward and become a believer.

Here are some of the things I do for other fellow authors:

I twitter, facebook, shelfari, goodread, do list mania on and ask for their books at our local Library, especially when they first come out.

I have done blog tours for them. This includes time to read their books and do a review that will be placed in my blog on the day assigned to me for the tour. I would strongly suggest that you Don’t ask for a blog tour if you dont have time to reciprocate for each author that participates. It isn’t fair for them to support you and get nothing back for their time and effort.

Another thing that impresses editors and publication houses is how many people follow your blog. It doesn’t cost much to follow each other’s websites, blogs or twitters.

I love paying it forward and NO I haven’t have all the authors I have supported in the past do the same for me, but that is alright. I’ll do it for them once ,and if they don’t have time for me I don’t do their books again. Their books will stay in my shelfs but I won’t take time to read new works from them.

I would love to be a best seller, that is every author’s dream, but I love more to help a fellow author shine with me. When I get there I won’t be alone and that is worth more to me.

Blog hop is a new way to get friends to come and see your blog. You follow them and they will follow you. Here is how all started:

The Source

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One Response to “Blog Hop… what are they?”

  1. TheSurvivalMama says:

    Hi there!

    I couldn’t agree (and thank you) more. As writers, we all started as readers, so it makes sense to read, encourage, and support each other as best we can. Thanks for voicing it.

    The video wouldn’t load for me, but I got a chance to watch Stacy Westfall this year at the WEG games. Great stuff. I need to grab a copy of your book, so I can check out the character.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog!
    Excited to follow all your adventures now, too.

    The Survival Mama

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