Interview and Blog Tours Do’s and Don’ts

As authors we have the great opportunity to be interviewed, have someone highlight us, or do a blog tour for us. It amazes me how many authors have no idea of the proper etiquette for such occasions. That is why I wrote this article with some Do’s and Don’ts about it. It doesn’t look professional when you do not know what you are doing. It could also cut your chances to be invited back to that blog again. And thinking about it, who doesn’t need a bit of free promotion?


First lets talk about Do’s:

  1. Do expect to help other authors as they help you.
  2. Do your homework and have some questions answered ready to send to a possible interviewer. We all have little time and love things already for us to copy and paste.
  3. Make sure all your links work.
  4. Edit your answers.
  5. Send all correspondence in a timely manner.
  6. Send everything you were asked to send in the way you were asked.
  7. Visit the blog during the time your interview or blog tour is posted.
  8. Thank your hostess and the people who comment on the post.
  9. Make sure you read all the comments and answer those that ask you a question during the interview.
  10. Respect the time and effort required by your host(ess) to place an interview.
  11. Be thankful they helped you with some free promotion; after all it is NOT their obligation to do so.


Now the Don’ts

  1. Never send your answers without the questions. This is unprofessional. In my case I have 8 different sets of questions and it would take a lot of time to keep track of which one I sent to you. Then, I have to copy and paste each question to correspond to your answers. (Not doing it)
  2. Never asked: “is your email” when she/he wrote it as “mary at mary dot com.” When you do it the first way, you will be sending your host a lot of spam that they won’t appreciate you for. It is a very good reason they spell it the way they did.
  3. Never waste your host(ess)’ time.
  4. Never asked your host(ess) to let you know the day the post comes out. It is your responsibility to remember the date, not your host(ess). (Write it down or set an alarm, etc.)
  5. Never, ever forget that your interview is posted.
  6. Never ask your host(ess) for a copy of it. Go get your own from her/his site.
  7. Never tell your host(ess) that you forgot to invite your friends to the interview.
  8. Never asked your host(ess) how many people visit his/her blog. If it is that important to you, find out on your own.
  9. Never forget to thank your host(ess) for his/her time on your behalf.
  10. Don’t ask your host(ess) to come and like your page. He/she shouldn’t have to.
  11. Don’t ask your host(ess) to become your friend on Facebook. If she wants to be your friend she will do so without you putting them in the spot.
  12. Don’t expect your host(ess) to do you this favor and never give a little hand to her/him. At least mention his/her blog and the interview even after it happened. Let other authors know he/she could interview them too.
  13. Don’t forget he/she is doing you a favor, not the other way around.

Now go and look professional in every way possible. My best to you.

Anna del C. Dye

3 Responses to “Interview and Blog Tours Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. Great information! The voice of experience speaking. I learned some things I didn’t know. Thank you!

  2. S. Deborah Fryer says:

    I am a new writer and do not know much about interviewing yet. Thanks for the counsel.

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