How I healed bipolar disorder without drugs?


MISSION IMPROBABLE: How I Healed Bipolar Disorder without Drugs



Deborah Fryer, a native of Yorkshire, England, struggled with bipolar disorder for 49 years, and could never figure out what was wrong with her.

Abused severely as a child by her mentally ill mother, Deborah was depressed and lonely in her big family. She suffered paralyzing anxiety, obsessive compulsions and social phobia, and had an underlying fear of everyone and everything. Even though she had been well educated, was responsible, intelligent, hardworking, and very capable, she never felt that she could navigate the real world with all its mature activities and decisions to be made. It seemed as though life was passing her by, like she was watching everything – but not really part of it. It seemed she would never get out of the basement, no matter how hard she tried.

Deborah suffered continuous trauma, tragedy and loss, and then in 2003 in utter hopelessness, felt she was at the bottom of the pit and could no longer get up. She suffered her third major depressive episode in seven years as she tried to raise children alone, and in poverty.

A therapist once alluded to her condition in his treatment notes as “hypomanic tendencies.” These comments went unseen until they were requested, years later, by another treatment facility. It was then that she realized she had been prescribed the wrong kind of medication.

Having been a research assistant in a graduate program at Brigham Young University, and after another of her frequent emotional breakdowns, she decided to go to the library to research bipolar disorder. She found many articles in popular medical journals on manic depression, and printed out over a dozen to take home and read.

Her studies revealed that she was suffering many of the symptoms of the illness. One article, seven pages long, she left to read till last. The first group described patients being medicated with a variety of psychotropic drugs. After reading that many of these patients were still unable to work and on disability, she decided she was not going to take bipolar medications.

When she read the final article, which was titled “Bipolar Breakthrough,” she knew she had found the answer, and her healing journey began. Although it wasn’t easy, Deborah has now been mentally well for almost twelve years. She has spoken to scores of people about her recovery, and directed them to the help they needed to recover their own mental health. It is her hope that, through this book, she will be able to reach millions.

The information in MISSION IMPROBABLE will change your understanding of mental illness, its cause and its cure. It may also save your life or the life of a loved one. Please pass it on.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, incredible – Bipolar disorder indeed can be overcome!,
This amazing book is an autobiographical story written by a woman who overcame a mental illness that is usually said to be completely incurable. Finding this is absolutely thrilling for me for a couple of major reasons:1. First, I overcame bipolar disorder myself and thought I was the only one until I found this. I’ll explain briefly about my own story below.2. Second, I’ve had people ask me how I did it and I’ve never been able to explain it well because the entire process for me was extreme difficult and complex. Now I’ve found a resource that explains it in a way that is much simpler.
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