Tips on how to Write a Book Review?

A review is a personal view of the story you have just read. Author’s love reviews; they sell books. So consider writing a review every time you read a book. It doesn’t have to be huge, just five well-written phrases will do.

Always start with something good about the story.

Things like: “It is an interesting story” or “A quite fascinating reading,” even, “I couldn’t put it down,” will work well.

Always respect the creativity and the time the author took to write the book.

Never belittle the author in any way or form.

Never say that you would have done the book this or that way. If that is how you feel, then write your own book in your own words and with your own characters.

You are welcome to compare books, but only in a positive way, as in: “If you read such and such a book you will love this one.” Or “it felt a bit like the book ……. by so and so.” even “if you are a fan of so and so, you will enjoy this author’s writings.”

Never compare authors as in “so and so writes better than this author.”

Remember that every author should be their own person and not a clone of another.

If the books are too similar, then it is fan fiction book or plagiarism. Fan fiction is all right as long as the author is OK with it, AND you are NOT making money with the book.

On the other hand, plagiarism is ILLEGAL and punishable by law. If you find that a book has been plagiarized, please get in contact with the author immediately.

Now back to reviews:

Do tell us if the story is fantasy, non-fiction, memoir or whatever it is.

Tell us a little about the plot, though NEVER tell how the problems were either resolved, or the ending.

Do write what the story is about. Start with what are the characters trying to accomplish… Why? Who helps them?  And who hinders them?

Do tell us about the pace of the story. Is it fast reading? Is it slow, and seems to never get where it is going? Did you get lost? Does it start slow but get much better as it goes? Does it have dialogue or is it written in a narrator’s voice? Will you pick up another book by this author?

Finish with something like, “I recommend this book to…. (fantasy, crime, romance readers, etc.)” Or “It will be loved by… (fantasy, crime, romance readers, etc.)” including “lovers of…. (fantasy, crime, romance, etc.) will love this book”

Also tell us what age the book appeals to, if it is children’s book or if it is young adult or adult.

If you didn’t like the book at all, please consider not writing a review. The reason why there are many authors is because there are many readers and a book that you didn’t like may be loved by others. Hurtful or personal insults have no place in a review. If you promised a review a didn’t like the book, consider saying that the book was not your cup of tea and leave it there.

See, it is not that hard. Overall, make sure that you are courteous to others when you give your opinion. After all, remember it is just your opinion not the world’s. Author’s spend a lot of hours developing a book, if you don’t believe me, try writing one yourself.

And to all of you who are professional and courteous, we thank you for your time to write a informative review about our work. We love you and appreciate you time and effort to write the review. Thank you and happy review writing to you all.

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