What kind of books to write?

That will depend on what do you want to say…
Here is the simple difference between fiction and non-fiction:
1.- Non-fiction:
If you plan to write a book about computers, gardening or teaching, you will NOT want to start with “Once upon a time” Why? No one will take you serious and therefore your book won’t take off.
On the other hand non-fiction books are easier to sell and could make you a best seller if you know how to market the book properly. Nonetheless, they exist to give information, facts, and results about what you want to teach or help with… let’s not forget that they earn you money. That is one of the major reasons you don’t want to start with “Once upon a time.”
On the other side of the coin, if the information is directed at kids in elementary school “Once upon a time” might catch their attention and perhaps keep them awake for the facts you need to give them later.
Don’t forget that non-fiction exists to convey well-researched information and facts to the readers.

2.- Fiction:
In fiction you can have some facts, but it will be written with lots of fluff to entertain. It will be full of details put there by your imagination. Thus you have few limits to what you put down on your pages—unlike non-fiction were you have to stick to the facts that limit what you convey.
In fiction or fantasy your role is to appeal to the feelings of the readers. Your words should not only entertain but also give the reader the feeling of being on the flying unicorn when it goes under the rainbow.
Fantasy is the place of no bounds, the place where no limits exist and anything is possible.
Fiction, to summarize, is the perfect mix of imagination used to elicit a great array of emotions in those who read your stories.
Now go, and happy writings to you…

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