Swords and Dragons by Michael Robb Mathias Jr. ReadersFavorite.com

The author uses an old concept and used many other tales ideas to compose this book. The chapters leave you hanging and you always want to keep reading to see what will happen next.

The story is of a people that possess the knowledge of the whereabouts of the biggest bird’s nest in the land. Thus they are the only ones that can collect eggs from them. They have rules to how many eggs they can take from each nest and also to protect the birds from other predators.

One young man, on his expedition to get the eggs, finds a ring that seems to contain some magic in it. Without knowing its importance in the timeline of his world, he uses it carelessly. Thus he attracts the eye of the evil forces and their evil plans for the world.

His brother, in the meantime, is chosen by the White Goddess to do great or bad things for their people. According to legends a hawkling has hatched and bonded with him. It is a sign that many things are about to change forever.

Also, it is the tale of a squire who is on a secret mission from his dying king. He is to deliver a package from a priest to a giant in the middle of a dark forest. He is also charged to guard the coveted sword of his king from falling into the hands of the wrong people. But how is he to do this when the entire kingdom will come after him for stealing it. He has to leave his kingdom on the orders of the dying king and no one knows about this mission. Thus his absence will be linked to the poisoning of the king and the disappearance of the sword at the same time. Yet the pursuit of his kingdom becomes nothing when he finds out a wizard is also hunting the sword.

You will find magic, dragons, kings, wizards, princes, elves, and a whole array of characters ready to delight you. It reads a bit like Lord of the Rings combined with Aragon. I reservedly recommend it to adults. It has sexual scenes in it.

This is an electronic book that was a bit hard to read. On my computer it came as a word document that was divided in the weirdest places by the name of the book. For this reason I believe that it will be hard to sell. Readers will see the jumble of words and it will appear too much to digest at once. It would be much better as a properly formatted e-book or PDF file, which will provide a less crowded feel to it.

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