Letting Her Light Shine Brightly, do you?

Letting Her Light Shine Brightly by Tanya McDaniel

  • Tanya, where were you born and where do you live now? I was raised in Baltimore, MD. I currently reside in Delaware.
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  • What makes you passionate about writing? What makes me passionate about writing is being able to tell my stories and having it reach other people through the written words. When I’m writing, I can express how I feel with no interruptions.
  • How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? It took me about a year to write the first draft of this book. While writing this book I was also writing my second book Just My Thoughts and promoting my first book Married To The Military.
  • Who or what inspired you to write this book? My daughter and other young, single women I’ve known who were going through this dating journey.
  • What is the title of your book? The title of this book is: Letting Her Light Shine Brightly
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  • What genre does your book fall under? Fictional Romance is this book’s genre
  • Do you have a favorite character, why? Right now Shine Brightly is my favorite character because she has a mixture of characteristics from different types of strong, independent, educated, single women looking for a loving, lasting relationship
  • What kind of impact do you expect your works to have in the reader’s lives? I want to inspiring my readers and let them know what they are going through, or have been through, they are not alone. I want to share my story in a Christian, inspirational, down-to-earth, sometimes funny way.
  • What else might pique the reader’s interest in your book? I’ve added something extra in this book that will give the reader more insight into Shine Brightly’s dating life that the readers will find funny and interesting. Of course I can’t tell to much because it is a surprise.
  • Could you give us a back cover blurb? Shine Brightly is a young, beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving woman. She has a lot going for her, enjoying life, living on her own in a new city, exciting career, supportive family and friends who are always there to help her and give advice, even when she doesn’t ask for it. Yet there’s still something missing, that someone special. Shine yearns to find her soul mate to share this good life with, she knows he’s out there. This book will take you on a journey with Shine as she goes through the many experiences of finding the one for her. I’m sure we all know someone who can relate.
  • Where can we find your book? This book is available on Amazon.com

my website: www.inspiring-author.com book can be purchase through Paypal from my website.

My Facebook Page: Tanya McDaniel-author

Twitter is: @mywordsinspire1

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  1. This is all very fascinating. I am also a writer. My books are going to be published this year. My Facebook page will detail the publishing of my books. “Radical Shift”. And many other publishings. I loved that this Tanya is from Baltimore MD and originally from Detroit. Because I am also a litigant working on eight Lawsuits, and have some details of those cases on my Facebook page @ Tanya Grace McDaniel. I am a fan of Baltimore because of their law; ‘grace’s law’s against bullying. I could have been angry, because I wrote ‘grace’s ‘no taser law’, in the fight against police brutality. Yet, I was thankful that grace’s law had another beautiful purpose. And couldn’t be angry with that. However, as a tenacious fighter, I press forward and proceed my ‘no taser law’ and other laws, books, music, and other endeavour, as an artist. And a survivor of violent crimes, including police brutality. I am suing the police, the department of justice, Hollywood and Lester Hayes (reired raider, whom I dated for two years). I am lawful citizen, as the police brutality incident arrived as a result of racial profiling of my ex-boyfriend, whom is African American and myself, as I am multiracial. My lawsuits are in the federal court of Sacramento, CA. And an appeal has been sent to the ninth circuit. I am pro se, because I have been blacklisted from society. Where social acceptance and communication is black assassins and Jedi mind tricks. Trading civil rights and humanity for the gutting of the American flag. I am from Davis, CA. And I am the one they’ve chosen to hurt, and cause ultimate chaos and global sufferage because of their Illuminati scandals.

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