Why did G N went on a adventure?

 Googa Nark by Brian Moos
Brian, when did you first know you wanted to be an author?
I discovered that I liked to write before I was a teenager.  I never really thought about being an author, per se, I just enjoyed writing.
What makes you passionate about writing?
Whenever I have an idea or concept or picture in my mind, I find myself driven to try and convey it in words.  Sometimes it is a story or sometimes it is just a short poem.  I find myself immersed in the work of finding the right words or using the right form to make the idea come alive on the paper.
What was the pathway like for you to get your first book published?

Getting my book published was a long and winding journey, with frequent stops.  I had the idea for the book many, many years ago.  I would work on the book in fits and spurts.  Eventually I knuckled down and hammered it out.  Then I had to determine which route I would choose to get it published.  I eventually decided to epublish; I didn’t want to delay any longer by going the traditional route and I didn’t have the resources and time to vanity publish.
Were you ever discouraged along the way? If so, how did you deal with it?
I was discouraged many times along the way.  My wife was a tremendous encouragement to me and helped me get back on track.  Toward the end, it was the idea of being finished which drove me to complete the book.
What books have most influenced your life?
The book that has had the biggest influence on my life is, of course, the Bible.  It is the instruction manual that I try to live by.  As a writer, I found great influence from The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, The Belgariad books by David Eddings, The Lord of the Rings books by J. R. R. Tolkien, anything by Charles Dickens, Ray Bradbury’s short stories, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and my Science Fiction Hall of Fame books.  I would also have to say that I find a great amount of influence from Shakespeare’s sonnets and Emily Dickenson’s poems.
Tolkien,,, my favorite. Please tell us about your book  Googa Nark
Googa Nark is a great adventure and fantastical tale.  I wrote it as a labor of love for my kids.  I wanted to create an exciting, fun story full of whimsy and imagination.  Googa Nark is the hero, an everyman of sorts, who is tasked to find and rescue the lost princess, Skayshee Wardle, with the help of a Crunzy Dragon.  It is told from a narrator’s point of view, to give it a sense of familiarity.  The names of the people and places in Googa Nark are not typical in the least.  They add another dimension of fun for those who read the story.  For parents reading Googa Nark to their kids, it can be hilarious.
Do you just sit down and write, waiting to see what happens next? Or do you outline first?
If I have a great idea – at least what I think is a great idea – I will often sit down and flesh it out quickly.  This works great for poems.  If the idea starts to grow and become something of an appreciable length, I will sit down and sketch out a basic outline.  I don’t hold myself to an outline strictly, just because I like to be flexible when I am being creative.
Who has made the greatest difference for you as a writer?
I would have to say that my wife has made the greatest difference.  She has always been a source of encouragement and motivation, as well as a Muse for me.  I could not have finished Googa Nark without her.
What’s your secret to making the character’s in your books come to life?
I tried to make my characters behave in believable ways.  I wanted to make sure that they would act and react like a real person or creature would.  More importantly, I tried to make the characters talk in certain ways or have mannerisms in their speech that gave them a uniqueness and identity.  The Crunzy Dragon, for example, peppers his speaking with exclamations and the leader of the Iggle Tee Jibs has a particular way that he phrases his sentences.  I think conversation in general is very difficult to write well and I hope that I was successful.
Besides writing what other talents or hobbies do you have?
I love to read.  I like to draw.  I am a bit of a collector.  I collect Christmas music, dirt from around the world, fruit stickers and various other things.
I really enjoy spending time with friends and family.
How do you come up with your character’s names?
Names are a huge part of Googa Nark – more so than in most books, I would wager.  Some of the names just pop into my head and some roll around for a while until they sound just right.  Some of the names developed based on how they looked on paper, strangely enough.  I wanted to make sure that they reflected the whimsy of the book.
What is the best complement you could receive from a reader?
It would be the greatest compliment for someone to say that they enjoyed my book and perhaps were inspired by it, to write something themselves.
Where can readers go to find your books? 
Googa Nark is available on Amazon at
The Realm of Googa Nark is always being updated at www.googanark.com and Facebook

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