Souls on (B)Oring Street, Denim Blues Mysteries, Book 3 by Karen Wiesner

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I just finished Souls on Boring Street and find the story very captivating. It is a romance with some sleuthing in it. I love the cover. It is well done and colorful. It portrays the theme of the book to a T.

The copy I have says that it is a review copy and that the printed book may not be the same.

The story starts with Erin, a twenty-eight-year-old nurse that is raising her twin sisters alone. She is and has been in love with Ty, her next-door neighbor since she was fifteen. However, for many years now they have been nothing but friends and that is the way she wants it.

Why would she avoid a relationship with Ty when she loves him? Erin was very hurt when her father cheated on her mom and the situation became worse when she discovered that Ty and his parents knew that fact for some years. One more horrible thing happened at the same time. One for which she could never forgive his father. When she sided with her mother, her father had started the rumor that her sisters, the twins, were really her daughters with Ty. It had ruined her life and wounded her forever.

The biggest reason she kept her distance from Ty was because he was too much like her father. She was afraid that he would hurt her if she trusted him. Erin spends most of the book comparing Ty to her father.

In the meantime, Ty can’t understand why she doesn’t let him close and this scenario plays out for three quarters of the book.

In the last quarter there is a detective investigation that gets Erin in a lot of trouble and a lot of people worried for her.

As I said before, the story has a lot of merit … but the copy I read needs a very good editing to be publishable. The copy I read was clean and tasteful. I could recommend it for readers from young adults up.


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