Is every trial Lined with Silver?

Lined with Silver an LDS novel by Roseanne Evans Wilkins


What an exciting novel full of life’s dilemmas intertwined with mystery and death. Lined with Silver by Roseanne Evans Wilkins is a great story about a single LDS lawyer who is asked by her sister if she can carry her babies. Nicky and her husband, who is dying of cancer, can’t have the children and Sondra steps up to the plate after a meltdown trip to DC. On the flight
there she sleeps on the strong shoulder of a man she thought she knew. Imagine her surprise when it turned out to be a fourteen-year-old brother from her trek company years ago when she was a Beehive. To add to the whole surprise she had a huge crush on him then or was it only then?

When Zack’s father’s lawyer call him to say the estate will go to his sister if he doesn’t get married he has a great problem, since his father was near his end. This would mean that his sister would send granny to the old peoples’ home and he will never let that happen. What can he do to prevent this from happening? And where can he find a girl to marry him today?

Sondra can’t go back to the singles’ ward if she is going to be pregnant and what will her law firm or her clients would say about her being a single mom? When she hears of the problem that Zack faces with his sister, she proposes to have a wedding be married until the babies are born. All works out well until she realizes that Zack still has her heart and that someone sinister is trying to kill them.

This is a great story to keep reading until late at night. I enjoyed the plot and the characters in the story. They were real and their pain came through the writing. I recommend this clean mystery romance to any who like this genre.




Roseanne was born in Utah. When she was 8, she moved with her family to Salina, Kansas, the exact center of mainland USA. She is the second oldest in a family of 9 children.

She started her first novel when she was 14. That novel was put aside, as were all the other books she started, when she married Craig. They moved 15 times in ten years. During that time, they worked as foster parents and then became adoptive parents. They’ve also added three birth children to the family. They moved back to Utah over a dozen years ago. With all the work of raising children and parenting foster children, she put aside her writing.

After reading the Twilight Series, she felt moved to write a fanfiction book, Noonday Sun. After finishing that novel, she dug through her files and found the manuscript to Tangled Hearts – a book that was started in 1983. Hidden in the Heart, the second book in the series, was started in 1991. The third book in the series, Change of Heart, was a new story. Lined With Silver, the first book in the California Connections Series, is also a new story.



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