From Here to Everlasting by Carla Roeder/

This is and interesting tale about a woman who has too much on her shoulders to let her be free. Maggie works in a rest home she loves and is loved in return. One day her loving grandmother, who died some time before, decides that Maggie needed help to get on with her life.

She keeps making her dream and think about many of the things that happened in her growing up years. You see, Maggie believes her mother never loved her and that her alcoholic father did. She is the eldest of her siblings and kept them away from her parents broken lives. She mothered them and kissed their hurts away. Thus she never had a childhood to speak of.

Her only relief from her responsibilities was spending the summer with her grandmother, Tillie. Her grandmother knew what was going on at home and provided her some time away by paying her mother to let her come during the summer. While in Tillie’s house, her grandmother helped her and taught her many things about life and her garden.

When Maggie was old enough she met a man name Joel and lived with him for a few years. The man turned out to be an abusive partner and she let him stay for too long. Finally, she returned to Tillie’s just in time to help her through the hardest time of her aged life. Maggie took great care of her and put everything in order to bless Tillie’s life to her last breath.

After her death she became the new owner of the Victorian place she had learned to love. She kept it up and maintained a display of beautiful gardens. Maggie had learn how with Tillie, and then had proven that she was a great gardener. For a long time, Maggie just dedicates herself to fixing the house and her work at the rest home. It keeps her busy enough that her social life is nonexistent and she likes it that way. One of her friends at work encourages her to fill out a profile on an online dating site. She meets a man who is willing to wait for her to overcome her hang-ups and still likes her. Paul is ready to give her not only the time, but also the space she needs to make her decisions.

All in all, it is a great read. I would recommend it to late teens and up.


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