Tangled Hearts, an LDS Novel by Roseanne Evans Wilkins (review)

Tangled Hearts, an LDS Novel by Roseanne Evans Wilkins

What a great read for anyone who enjoys romance with LDS standards! It is clean, refreshing and fun. Roseanne takes the tale of family and enhances it with twists and mysteries. He puts two very different sisters in the same household until the younger one marries and the older one isn’t allowed in the wedding. One day, after years of no seeing her sister, Serra opens the door of her apartment to find her standing there. Her surprise is great and the hope surges in her heart that their differences can be conquered and they can become the friends they used to be. After just a couple of minutes, Serra can’t believe how much her sister has changed. Not only the differences in her sister, but also that she expects Serra to take care of her two-year-old toddler.

Mathew has never seen his aunt until the moment his mother leaves him with her for three weeks. Just a few days later the news of Mathew’s parent death devastates Serra. With her sister’s warning that her-in-laws should never be allowed to take care of Mathew most clear in her mind, she runs with the boy to someplace where the horrible in-laws would never find him.

Soon her car tires are cut and a very dangerous person starts following her. Thus she realizes that, even after death, her sister is the one that proves to be most dangerous.

I love the tale and I had a very hard time putting the book down. It is a very nice, interesting and easy to follow read.


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