16 Tips to promote your book—before and during launch

1. Send out free PDFs, or ebooks, to bloggers who have tons of followers. If your book is non-fiction, send out digital copies to influential journalists. Ask the bloggers a review it in their blogs.

(Some bloggers or reviewers need a month to read the book. Always ask way beforehand.

2. Pull out excerpts of the book to use as articles. Post them on free sites.

3. Create videos. Keep it short and sweet (under 10 m.) Talk about you. In another, talk about your book. Then in another, read an excerpt from it, etc.

4. Create a book trailer. Find pictures that reflect the content of your book and then use excerpts from the book to tease people to read more. Never tell the ending.

5. Schedule a launch day and make sure plenty of things are planned that day. Notify your email list, facebook, goodreads, twitter, a week before and then the day of. Don’t forget to post the different links to your videos and trailer’s each time.

6. Offer a digital copy as a prize on other websites and blogs. Offer the blogger or website owners a free paperback book for their help. You can have a goodreads giveaway…

7. Ask other bloggers to do a interview and send them lots of questions with their answers. (You can send the same list to all of them and they can pick how long and what to post from it.)

7. If you assign these bloggers to do your review on a different day of the week each, this is called a Blog tour. Make sure every day has a blogger or more assigned to it. You’ll gain maximum exposure for minimum costs. Select other authors or readers to do this…they will get you in contact with other readers.

8. Offer a chapter as a downloadable PDF. Encourage readers to share it with others.

9. Publish the book’s table of contents on your website. Include a small overview of each chapter. Optimize the page for search engines. (List many pertinent tags to attract new readers looking for your genre.)

10. Encourage people to write a five-star review of your book on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, shelfari, goodreads.

11. Publish reviews and testimonials of the book on your website. Include links to the reviews from Amazon.com and other sites.

12. Makes sure you always say thank you to all that help you and join their sites to show that you care for their help.

13. Make bookmarks to pass along. They are more usable than cards which are easily thrown away. (Check online for cost-effective spources.) Make sure they contain your website and email.

14. Always have copies of your book, bookmarks with you or in your car.

15. Be creative, persistent, grateful for the help of others and you’ll see your book sales go up. It isn’t their obligation so help them back.

16. Don’t forget to share your success with others and help them get ahead. Is always sweeter when you get to the top and your friends and family are cheering you on.


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