Across Eternity by Aris Whittier, review for

This book has a brilliant theme and great reading. I was surprised by this romance and the way it was laid down on the pages. It is based on a theme of re-incarnation or the existence of more than just one life that hasn’t been overdone yet. This author picked a great theme, one that many adults wonder about and would love to read.

Logan is a young boy who has a very special gift. He is aware of a lot more things than the adults around him know. He has a really special playmate, a girl who is always with him and has been for as long as he remembers. She even spent days and nights with him when his father died. The loneliness was easier with her at his side.

Everything is perfect for him and his playmate until he turns ten and she has to be born. That should thrill him to no end, because now she will be real and he can touch her. But the problem is that when she is born she will forget him completely. He swears to her that he will wait and find her and remind her how close they were before she was born. The other problem is that he doesn’t know where she will be born or what she will look like. Yet, true to his words, he lives his life fully and on the lookout for her.

Time passes slowly and lonely for him. Now a successful entrepreneur of 37, he has the chance to visit the whole world to see if she is somewhere. This he does until he finally finds her. But how does a man approach the love of his life and tell her that they knew each other before she was born? Even worse, how does he convince her to love him the way he has loved her all these years? What about the feelings that they have been a couple in other lives and times? There is a long wait ahead for him, but patience is the key to their relationship. Except that he is running out of time rapidly.

The story is interesting, yet it has some unnecessary swearing and some repetitions that slow the story down somewhat. I believe that some editing will bring out the true potential of this story. I recommend it to adults, because of scattered adult talk and scenes.


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