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This is a very well told tale, in a made-up world quite different from those fantasy lovers have seen before. It has a well thought out plot with interesting characters, both human and otherwise. I find the writing fluid even when the author chose to make each scene a new chapter. Some readers may find it a touch disconcerting because it could take them a minute to figure out where they are, but it didn’t bother me.

An old Sandala legend says that in the time of their most dire need a magnificence race will come forth and help the humans on the continent of Sandala to survive their enemies’ attacks. But many think this is just another tale to pass the time.

The King of Dania believes in the legend, although he has never seen the Shala race. His oldest son doesn’t believe something that could have been a tale spun around the fire-pit many years before.

It doesn’t matter what they think, because the scouts report evidence that foreign soldiers are preparing to attack them and one of the kingdoms in Sandala has betrayed them. They will have to unite the rest of the kingdoms if they want to win an enemy much more numerous than themselves.

For their part, the Shala race’s only purpose is to be trained to save the human race that inhabits Sandala. They have taken this purpose to heart and worked for generations to prepare for this sole event. Now they are aware of the enemy infiltrating the kingdoms of the humans. So the Shala and their fel animals are on the move.

This is great reading for young adults and adults alike who will enjoy the variety of life in this imaginary kingdom. It is clean and tastefully done.


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