Are all roses red?

J.B. Kantt, how long have you been writing? I have been writing for four years.

Tell us where you were born and where do you live now. I was born in the United States, on the east coast. I still live on the east coast.

How do you know the idea is good enough to write a book about it? I think any idea can be good enough to write a book about, as long as the author is willing to put in the work. I also think if an author is able make a good plot out of an idea, it’s good enough.

Who has made the greatest difference for you as a writer? My creative writing professors that helped me (try to) hone my craft while I was in college.

What is the name of your book? The name of my book is Roses Are Red.



What genre is it? 

The genre is paranormal, the age group is teen/young adult

Tell us more about it. Perhaps a back cover blurb. The back cover blurb is: After her foster mother’s unexplained death six months ago, fourteen-year-old Isla Timearth just wants things to go back to normal for her and her twin brother, Monty. But “normal” can only go so far for a closed-off girl with abandonment issues and an anxious boy that gets frequent nosebleeds. Still, the troubled redheads give it a shot by returning to the summer camp they’ve been going to for years.

Aside from her crush showing up unexpectedly, the summer starts out as Isla expected: she participates in multiple activities with her friends, while her brother shies away from doing anything with anyone. But camp traditions get rained on when their biological mother shows up unannounced and, as far as Isla’s concerned, unwelcome.

Knowing that Mother Nature is the mother of all mood swings, Isla isn’t all that surprised to find out that her temperamental biological mother is the terrestrial goddess. What does surprise her is that Monty, the favorite twin, already knew but never told her. Despite being annoyed that such a huge secret was kept from her, Isla has always questioned the loyalty of her own flesh and blood. But once more family secrets start to unravel around her fellow campers, Isla finds out whether blood really is thicker than water.

Is there a book trailer for your book? There is not a book trailer for my book.

Red rose, a contrasting blue background, strewn with drops of dew.

Red rose, a contrasting blue background, strewn with drops of dew.

Do you have a favorite character, why? Although I like some characters more than others, I don’t really have a favorite character. I think most if not all of my characters are important to make my book what it is.

What kind of impact do you expect your works to have in the reader’s lives? I hope that through my work, readers can see that nobody is perfect (even book characters). I also hope that they find my work to be a good read, to where even if they’re having a bad day, my book can distract them from that while they’re reading.

Do you have any advice for authors trying to break into the industry? Don’t give up. It’s inevitable that you’re going to face rejection in some form, but keep trying until you get that one “yes” you need.

What are your goals? To be healthy, happy, and share my work with as many readers as possible.

Where can we find your book? You can find Roses Are Red on amazon:

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