The Dream Walker will visit you

Question 1 Michelle, what makes you passionate about writing?
Answer 1: That is hard to answer. I love writing because it gives me a medium to express my feelings, my soul. I can do it anywhere, anytime. All I need is a pen and paper. The paper does not judge my feelings, my actions. It doesn’t tell me I told you so, or If you only had listened. It is a medium like no other. I can write short poems, long stories. I can write true things that happened, or make things up. The possibilities are endless. I can create characters, worlds, magic systems. Though like a famous quote, sometimes the best stories are the true ones.
Question 2 Do you have a writing routine?
Answer 2 I try to write at night, after all of the homework, band practice, and dinner is done. I don’t really have a routine. I handwrite everything first in a big notebook. Sometimes, I get ideas when going for walks, or listening to the radio. or from a quote or something I read so I will jot down the first couple lines, and finish the rest later.
Question 3: What is the title of your book?
Answer 3: I have two books out in my young adult fantasy series, and a short story. They are The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series Volume One, The Dream Walker Returns, Land of Mystica Series Volume Two, and Ichra’s Quest A land of Mystica Short story. I also have a short poetry book out called Rainbows and Dreams.

Question 4: What genre does your book fall under?
Answer 4 The Dream Walker Series is a young adult fantasy book, Rainbows and Dreams is a poetry book.
Question 5 What movie actors would you choose to play your characters?
Answer 5  I would pick:
Shailene Woodley to play Miranda (Divergent series, The secret life of An American Teenager)
Johnny Depp to play one of the wizards (maybe Lightning) I love Johnny Depp, and think he would bring a lot of life to Lightning
Orlando Bloom to play Midnight (another wizard)
Leonardo DiCaprio lay Shadow (wizard) Who doesn’t like Leo especially after Titanic? lol
Antonio Banderas to play Silver (wizard)
Question 6 What is a one sentence synopsis of you book?
Answer 6 Dream Walker Series: A fun, fantasy adventure featuring dreams, wizards, and adventure!
Rainbows and Dreams : a book of poetry ranging  in themes from nature to Native American inspired.
Question 7 Is you book self published?
Answer 7 Yes, at this time both books are self published. I’ve had a lot of interest in my Dream Walker Series, so I’m hoping this interest turns into something. I even have Cosplayers dressing up as my characters! I do have an agent in New York, so hopefully he can turn this interest into a contract!
Question 8 How long did it take you to write the first manuscript?
Answer 8 For Dream Walker Series, It took about a year and a half since I did it around my son’s school and band schedule and other things. For Rainbows and Dreams, I can’t even say as this is a collection of poems ranging from ones I wrote in high school to more recent ones.
Question 9 What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Answer 9 I think the closest books even though they have a male hero would be the Morgan Rice Series The Sorcerer’s Ring. Her writing is very similar to mine. I’ve also had people tell me my books resemble the Percy Jackson books. Most fantasy series either have a male hero or the wizards as main characters, so to have a female heroine and the wizards trapped in stones is something new and different.
As for Rainbows and Dreams, I don’t know of any other poetry book that resembles mine.
Question 10 Who or what inspired you to write this book?
Answer 10 I was inspired by dreams, and mist, and my children. I did not like the adult material of the books they were bringing home to read. I wanted to write a fun, family friendly story without all of these themes. I’ve always been fascinated with dreams.. The Dream Walker was born! Rainbows and Dreams was inspired by different things, nature, feelings, dreams, or a line from a song or something I read. I missed the days of being able to read a book before bedtime with my children and wanted to write a story that parents could read along with their children, or let them read on their own without worry of content.
Question 11 What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Answer 11 Dreams, Wizards, Adventure, Magic It is all included in this short, fun, family friendly fantasy series. I am also working on back stories to the wizards. What were they like in their younger years? What kind of adventures did they have? This started as a simple fun story, and is morphing into more stories, more adventures, and more dreams. Stay tuned for The Dream Walkers Destiny where Miranda travels to the Islands of the Lost.
Question 12 Where can we find your book?
Answer 12 You can find all of my books on Amazon
The Dream Walker
The Dream Walker Returns:
Ichra’s Quest
Rainbows and Dreams

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