Meet Robby the C-130 by Beth Mahoney Illustrated by Zachary Porter-review for

This is a delightful book, written for children with parents in the military, that will be loved by all children. It is an easy book that helps a child cope with his/her feelings resulting from the absence of one of the parents. It fits not only those in the military, but also those families that both parents can’t be in the same home. It is colorful and well written in a simple language that any child will understand without leaving adults out.

This story is about Robby, a huge C-130 airplane, that not only takes troops to different parts of the world, but also transports military equipment—no matter the size. The author gives the plane the role of the main character, which will attract younger children. It is Robby who has to go away, and it’s he who is lonely, and it’s he who loves what he does. The story explores all the feelings one may have when apart from someone they love.

At the end of the book are very helpful tips from some organizations that dedicate themselves to help families and children to cope with the deployment of a parent. It also has empty pages for the child to fill up with his/her own drawings to express his/her feelings about the situation. This is a great alternative for kids who don’t have many words to express the feelings they have without acting up. (Usually acting up indicates that they cannot find a way to say what they feel.)

Over all, this is a beautiful, colorful and engaging book for children, whether they are military kids or not. I believe this book will be loved by children, whatever their situation in life may be.


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