Twilight’s Ashes as Heaven Fades book one by Auler

This is a totally entertaining book for adults. I say adults because they should have the patience to go through it and love it. There is nothing against a young adult reading it, only that is written in a way to help you savor every detail and the youth of today want to skim through too quickly to really enjoy it.

As the story line begins we are introduced to one of the main characters,Jebden Gale, and his family or clan as they are called. They all have a clan head. In the case of Jeb, his mother was the first in her family and she was blessed with a special gift. Now her first born, in this case Jeb, has also received a gift, different than his mother’s. This makes him very special by having a special power. Several different clans often gather to make a small village, and that is the case with Saskatoone where Jeb lives. It is a settlement on the northern border of the new ice sheet that covers their land.

In this tale, there are also Gods who follow Jeb’s life pretty closely, as if he holds the future of his race in his hand. Jeb knows he has been blessed with a connection to the Gods and many times he wonders in what trouble the Gods will send his way. He isn’t able to see the future and many times questions the reasons and ways the Gods choose to send their requests to him.

Jeb’s life and that of his village change dramatically when they are attacked by a gigantic animal that eats human flesh. His father sacrifices himself to give the rest of them time to flee to safety. His mother however, stricken by the loss, is taken to another city which is more powerful and beautiful than they have ever seen.

Jeb sees her and the one who takes her. That is when he follows with a friend from another clan. In their village no one knows they are alive and when or if they will return.

This beautifully crafted tale inspires love between families and loyalty to ones’ people. It is a must read for all who love high fantasy.


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